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Kolbano Beach, a Unique Beach with Colorful Pebbles in East Nusa Tenggara

Kolbano Beach is an unique beach in East Nusa Tenggara. The feature of the beach is different than other beach. Usually, a beach has white or black sand. But, when you come to Kolbano, you will find pebbles. The size and color of the pebbles are various. But, all of them are soft. Besides that, the color of water is turquoise. With this uniqueness, Kolbano Beach becomes a popular beach in this province. That is why local residents so proud having its beach. 
The color of pebble can be red, green, black, and yellow. Even, many of them have triple colors, i.e. light brown, black and red. Since 1970, Kolbano Beach becomes a source of pebbles and slippery rocks. The surface of pebble is combination between many colors. Some of them has motif and it looks so beautiful. The pebble from Kolbano is popular for decoration and features of parks.
Kolbano Beach lies at Kolbano Village, Kolbano sub-district, Timor Tengah Selatan Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Total area of the village is around 17 km2. If you want to go there by air lane, there are many planes from Jakarta to Kupang, i.e. Merpati, Batavia, Sriwijaya, and Mandala. After you arrive at Kupang, you can continue your journey by travel agent. If you want to take public bus, you can go to Kolbano and need to pay around IDR60,000 or US$6.2. The bust will leave from terminal at 06.00, which is takes around 5 - 6 hours. Geographically, the beach is close to Australia. From Kolbano Port to Australia takes around 147 km.

When you come to Kolbano Beach, you will adore the beauty of its beach. But, most of visitor who come here will enjoy the carpet of pebbles. Along the coastline, you will see the stretch of colorful pebbles. This uniqueness make the beach becomes more popular for local residents. But, visitors from other regions also love to visit Kolbano. They want to swim, or just to spend holiday and weekend with their family. Besides beautiful pebbles, the beach also has a giant rock. The rock standing right to the coast line and looks so stunning.
The combination between the giant rocks and smooth pebbles becomes an attractive feature for those who love nature. From distance, you will only see carpet of colorful pebbles. In some spot, you can see white sand. Usually, visitor who come here will swim or playing the pebbles. Some of them love to do alternative massaging to their foot. Not too far from the beach, there is a historical monument. The monument built to commemorate Kolbano War between local residents with Dutch in 1907.
Before the Dutch came here, Kolbano was a popular trading market for honey and yellow sandalwood. Traders from China, Portugal, and India came here to buy these commodities. Unfortunately, bad thing would happen to Kolbano Beach. Natural pebbles have been explored by some people. It is like a valuable commodity for them. The environment around the beach will have bad impact if local government doesn’t stop it.
However, if you curious to see carpet of colorful pebbles, it is better if you stay overnight at Kupang. Then, you can continue your trip the next day by travel agent or public transportation to Kolbano Beach.
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