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Koroniki Island, A Remote Island And Beautiful Tourist Destination in Mentawai

Koroniki Island is a remote island and it is not as popular as other islands in Mentawai, such as Nyang Nyang or Siberut. But, the beautiful scenery of this island is comparable to the both islands. The island is like an unspoiled island. That is why you can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the clean and fresh environment. If you come to look for peace and comfort, the island is the best destination for you. You can feel the breeze simply by standing in the beach, or feel the thrill of adventure by doing trekking activities around the jungle. You will have a valuable experience when visiting the island.
          Koroniki Island is situated in Northwest Siberut District, Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Precisely, the geographical position of this island is 01° 50' 11'' S and 99° 08' 46'' E. To reach the island, you have to go by speedboat from the district town. It takes about an hour to reach the island. The island has prominent tourism potential. The beach and the natural forest wait for the local government to develop. You may think that the island is not too different from other popular islands in Mentawai, such as Nyang Nyang and Siberut. The island has various waves that are perfect for surfing activities. Also, it has stiff cliffs allowing climbers to do rock climbing activity. You will have many things to do when visiting this beautiful island. 

          If you love surfing, Mentawai is the perfect place for you. The islands comprise of many small islands with perfect waves. Among of them is Koroniki Island. The waves in this island reach the height of 2 to 4 meters. With such big and powerful waves, surfing will be an exciting activity. Apart from surfing, you can do other marine activities such as diving, snorkeling and swimming. Just remember to bring your own equipment. As the island is underdeveloped, it is difficult for you to find the best facilities to support your marine activities. It is better to rent and bring the equipment from Padang. Other than marine activities, you can do exploration and relaxation. Explore this remote island and learn about the traditional life of the surroundings. You can relax your mind by simply sitting down in the beach and enjoying the beauty of the sea scenery.  

          When you visit Koroniki Island, you can stay in the floating home stay available around the island. Otherwise, you can spend the night in one of the local people’s house. The rate for the accommodations is not too expensive. It depends on your skill to negotiate the rate. Although the local people’s house may not as big as resorts or as convenient as resorts, it will be the best choice for you. Staying in the local people’s house is much safer than setting a tent around the beach. At least, you will not be chilled or bitten by mosquitoes.
          Koroniki is one of the most remote islands in Mentawai. However, if you have enough time, don’t miss to visit this incredible island. Koroniki Island will provide you the best spot to do various activities.
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