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Lean Beach with Its Uniqueness in Bali

Lean Beach is one of the beaches in Bali that add the beauty of the region of Jemeluk, Amed. The beach is not only popular for its beauty but also the life of the local people as fishermen. The beach has calm wave and find sand. The wind blowing from the sea has resulted in relaxing and calm air. Visitors will be impressed by the entire panorama of the beach. The fishermen preparing their boat for fishing activity has created a unique view of the beach. Especially, the fishermen who has just gone home from fishing and brought home their caught also create such view. Their expression of happiness makes everyone who sees it feel the happiness as well.  
          Lean Beach is located at Lean Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali. It is about 60 km and takes about 2 hours driving from Denpasar City. Along the trip, you will see the peaceful beauty that surely will make you want to stay longer. The beach itself also lies in the coastline of Jemeluk and Amed Beaches, with the distance of about 90 km. You need to drive for about 2.5 to 3 hours from the beaches toward Lean. Once you have arrived at the beach, you will find complete facilities, such as simple hut or warung, boat called jukung rental and a wide parking lot.    

          There are many activities you can do in the beach. You can dive, swim or snorkel. The sea water is safe for those who want to do water activities. Moreover, visitors can fish using Jukung on the sea. Using Jukung, visitors can go around the beach or stay still on the water. Fishing will be a fun activity, especially when they manage to catch some fish. Other activities they can do include sunbathe or simply enjoy the sunset in the evening. The natural beauty and the cold breeze will refresh your mind. You will be more enthusiastic when you have to go back to work once your holiday was over.

          When you decide to have a holiday, you will not have to worry about the accommodations. No matter what your destination is, Bali provides complete facilities for visitors. Lean Beach also provides adequate facilities for visitors. There are many options a visitor can select. For example, Bali Waenis Sunset View provides a convenient place to stay for about Rp438,000 ($46.00) per night. This rate is very suitable for those with low budget. For mid-range hotel, visitors can select Cabe Bali with the rate of Rp836,000 ($87.00) per night. While for a luxurious hotel, visitors can select Villa Bukit Segara with the rate of about Rp1,915,000 ($200.00) per night. 
          When you decide to take a vacation in Bali, you will never regret it. Bali offers the best panorama for travelers. You will feel like you are in heaven with the beauty panorama of Bali. One of the best tourist destinations that is worth visiting and easily accessed is Lean Beach.
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