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Rafting At Ayung River, Enjoy the Sensation While Enjoying Exotic Scenery in Bali

Rafting at Ayung River becomes one of activity you can do when you visit Bali. Since long time ago, Ayung River has been known as the best rafting spot and it is nominated as the biggest river in Bali. Even, rafting will give you great experience because it is challenging to be tried. Adventure tourism in this river has been managed by many operations. 
As a natural river, Ayung River becomes a choice for those who love adventure and nature. During your journey to the endpoint, you will be offered by range of cliffs that flank both of the bank’ river. The cliffs look impressive because it was formed by natural carving. And the rice terracing, which is has green or golden color can be seen easily when you through the field.
Rafting at Ayung River can be selected by visitor who wants to enjoy different sensation of Bali because when you do it with your friends, it will become more fun. The track at this river is quite long because the length is around 12 km. It will take about two hours from starting point. While your body floating on the river, your eyes can enjoy beautiful panorama along the route. Even, you will see the cliffs 200 meters long, which is decorated by traditional carving from Bali.

Rafing at Aying River is located at Abiansemal Sub-district, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. This spot is situated around 4 km from Sangeh Monkey Forest. If you start your journey from Denpasar, it will take around 1 hour because Ayung River is located at Ubud region.

When you plan to raft at Ayung River, you don’t need to worry about accommodations because there are many operators around this place, which is offers many facilities. The easiest way to enjoy all of the sensation in this river is by contact travel agent because you only need to follow them and spend your vacation in Bali. Most of them offer you hotel, a car, drinking, professional guide, standard equipment, towel, change room, shower, toilet, waterproof bag, lunch, and insurance. The range of price is ranging from IDR250,000 – IDR600,000 or US$26 – US$62.

Just like other rafting adventure, when you come to Ayung River, firstly you will be asked to listen to the guide. He will ask you to know all of equipments, such as life jacket, helm, and paddle. To get into the river, you still need to go downhill for about two km on ground ladder steps. You will have to explore the jungle and the hill. After you arrived at the spot of rafting route, you will get instruction from the professional how to use the paddle. Then, you can start your adventure by rafting at Ayung River with your teams. From the starting point, you will face strong current water and the rocks. 
The route in this spot is around 12 km and it takes about two hours to pass it. Along the journey at Ayung River, you will through 2 stopping points after 30 minutes from starting point. The first stopping point is a big rock, which is surrounded by steeps with the story of Ramayana. The relief is carved by Balinese artist. In this place, you are allowed to swim because the current of water is calm. In this spot, you can rest for about 15 – 20 minutes. After that, you will continue the rafting at Ayung River after 20 minutes to second stopping point. In this spot, you will see a waterfall with height 15 – 20 meters. You can get natural massaging from the current of waterfall.
Along the journey, you can see field, resort, hotel, and villages. At the end of rafting at Ayung River, you will satisfied because you can through the route in this spot. But, your journey is not finished yet because you have to climb the hill about 5 km. However, you don’t need to worry because the trail is accessible. Then, you can clean yourself and enjoy the dish. By paying IDR350,000 or US$36 plus DVD, you will never regret to experience rafting at Ayung River.
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