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Ratenggaro Beach, A Virgin Beach With Historical And Culture Site in East Nusa Tenggara

Ratenggaro Beach is a beach with combination of natural tourism and culture. When you come to this beach, you can see there is traditional site with old tomb near the beach. The historical and unique tomb is located right to the beach. Ratenggaro Beach has big wave with long roll, and it is suit to those who love surfing. Unfortunately, there is no facility for this activity. This is become a big homework for local government. The enchantment of the beach is not only from its beach, but visitors who come to Retanggaro can see ruin of tomb from megalithic era, or about 4,500 years ago.
There is no doubt of Ratenggaro’s beauty. The coastline is signed by white sand and facing to crystal water. The sound of wave’s water can be heard from the next village. Every evening, there are local residents visiting the beach. Most of them are elder people who want to meet their ancestor in Ratenggaro. When you come to this beach, or around Sumba Island, you are suggested to wear closed shoes. This is needed to avoid you from tetanus. One of uniqueness of the beach is that Ratenggaro is located right to estuary of river with blue water. It is really a spectacular panorama.

Ratenggaro Beach exists at Ratenggaro Village, Kodi Bangedo sub-district, Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. From Tambolaka City, it takes 48 km. The infrastructure toward the beach is smooth and it takes around 1.5 hour from Waikabubak City. If you want to take public transportation, there is public bus and mini bus to Bondo Kodi. Then, you can continue your trip by motorcycle. If you want practical way, you can take travel agent to come to Ratenggaro Beach. Along the road toward the beach, you will see hardwood trees for about 2 km long.

Once you arrive at Ratenggaro Beach, the first impression is about ethnic atmosphere. It is because you will pass many traditional villages. When you come there, you are not only enjoy its beach, but you can enjoy the culture. Firstly, you can spend your time to amaze the beauty of panorama. Blue water and powerful wave become a perfect combination for those who love nature and surfing. But, you must be a professional swimmer because there is deep trough here. 
After you finish playing water activities, you can start explore traditional house of Ratenggaro. They still keep the original architecture. Sometime, you will hear from villagers that there is faith about their village. You are not allowed to cross the estuary of river to the next village, Wainyapu, singing, and whistle. You better obey to these unwritten law because the resident itself very straight to keep this rule. When you walk around the beach, you will see one of grave with 3 meters height.
From the coastline, you can see the tower of houses from two villages, i.e. Wainyapu and Ratenggaro. It is not surprise if people name these villages as ‘Thousand Tower of Villages’. In some occasions, you will enjoy one of traditional ritual, which is held by villagers. It is called as the procession of raising pole of traditional house. They will raise four main poles to traditional house by using simple technology. One pole can has 1 ton weight. This is a rare occasion and local resident would happy to welcome tourist.
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