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Sabolon Island, Snorkeling Around the Virgin Beach in Flores

Sabolon Island is one of island at Labuan Bajo Region that has been popular for tourists. Actually, Labuan Bajo itself consist many small islands and these islands are unpopulated. When you come to Sabolon, you can see white sand and colorful coral reefs. Most of visitors will not miss Sabolon Island because in this place, they can do many water activities. Natural scenery with many steep cliffs can be seen easily.

Sabolon Island is located at West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The island can be reached from Labuan Bajo for about 1 hour by motor boat. The island has total area 20 hectares. The contour of the land forms hills just like other island at Komodo National Park Region. There is no pier in this island and visitors need to swim or even walk to reach the beach.
Sabolon Island becomes popular spot nowadays because it has beautiful underwater life. There are many tourist agents that offer you many alternative activities around the island. Thus, it is not surprise to see some of them make a tour toward the island. In this island, you can do many water activities, i.e. snorkeling, diving, swimming, sun bathing, and fishing. You can do these along the day. Even, many of them offer tourists to spend overnight at the boat near the beach. The beauty of the island will arouse curiosity. The coastline is not to long because the island is dominated by the present of hills. That is why it is not enough to build bungalow. But, you still can see cottages that can be occupied by visitors. 
When you decide to join travel agent, some of them will charge you around 45 Euro per person, and minimum 2 persons. The facility that is offered by the travel agent is snorkeling equipment, lunch and transportation. The trip will be started in the early morning till sunset around Sabolon Island. Besides that, there is travel agent that offers you alternative choice. They offer you snorkeling package a day in Sabalon Island.
To enjoy this experience, you have to pay around IDR400,000 per person or US$42. The minimum participant is 4 persons. However, if you want to enjoy more private, you can rent a ship which is completed by snorkeling equipment. It will be cheaper if you go there with your friends because to rent a ship, you have to pay IDR800,000 – IDR1,000,000 or US$83 – US$103 a day.

When you come to Sabolon Island, you can enjoy white sand along the coastline. Besides that, you can see if the beach is surrounded by high cliffs. When your ship starts to approach the shore, you will excite to jump into water to feel the freshness of clear water. Gradation of blue color can be seen clearly to spoil visitors who just already come. Everyone would love to swim or prepare the snorkeling equipment. 
Because the beach has shallow water, you can see hundred flora and fauna, such as coral reefs and fishes. Even, if you lucky, you can see stingray swimming around the island. Sabolon Island has been popular with underwater life. That is why it is nominated become one wonderful snorkeling spot around the world. As you come to the island, you will be like the owner of Sabolon because the island is so private and remote.
Besides swimming and snorkeling, you also can sun bathing, running, or just enjoy the beauty of panorama around the island. That is why some people say when you come to Flores and Labuan Bajo Region, it is not complete yet before you visit Sabolon Island. With natural panorama and rich of biodiversity, you will never regret to visit the island.
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