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Seminyak Beach, A Beautiful Beach in Bali

Seminyak Beach is one of the most luxurious destinations in Bali. It has accommodations and high class restaurants and bars. The beach has sophisticated atmosphere, just like Kuta. It’s surprising to see Seminyak today. Ten years ago, Seminyak is not like as crowded and luxurious as today. Seminyak was used to be a separate village. The facilities and infrastructure are not like today. 
The development of this area is so astonishing. Seminyak has been developed by the government to absorb all green space used to separate Seminyak from Legian. Today, you can see the village has been integrated into a beautiful area, along with Pettinget, Kerobokan and Umalas Villages. Seminyak is one of the most interesting tourits objects in Bali.   

          Seminyak Beach is situated in the west coast of South Bali. You can reach the beach through two main routes. Firsly, you can go from Kuta and Legian, straightly runs parallel with the beach. However, it is better that you didn’t take this route. You can drive through the easier route, it is to take the eastern bypass, i.e. Jalan Sunset. You can go by taxi from Seminyak with a fixed cost of Rp 60,000 (US6.00). When you are in the journey towards Seminyak, try to observe the surrounding. Don’t be surprised that you will see roads of Seminyak are jammed. It is better for you to walk or rent a bicycle or motorcycle. This will avoid you from getting stuck in the traffic jam.

          When you come to Seminyak Beach, you can do many activities. First of all, you can visit spa center to get get spas, massage and other treatments. You can find many spa centers here, such as Amo Beauty & Spa and Amoaras Spa. Try the treatments, and you will feel fresh after the treatment. In addition, you can do water activities like surfing. Surfing will be a fun and exciting activity, although it is not good as that of in Legian and Kuta beaches. However, you can still have an unforgettable memory surfing in this beach. You can also try bungy jumping run by AJ Hackett Bungy. You need to pay for about Rp 780,0000 (US$ 79).

          If you decide to stay in Seminyak Beach, you can select one of the hotels available. The hotels have good services, and you will not regret staying in the hotel. Depending on the rate, you can select these hotels. For example, you can choose The Harmony Seminyak at Jl Drupadi 234 for budget rate. You only need to pay for Rp 350,000 (US$ 36). Otherwise, you can select Bali Ginger Suites at Jl Drupadi II, with the rate of around Rp 490,000 (US$50). While for splurge budget, you can select Sense Hotel Seminyak at Jl. Kayu Jati No.5. You need to pay for about Rp 2,100,000 (US$ 200) per night.    
          Seminyak Beach is an interesting tourist object. When you decide to visit the beach, you will a heavenly earth in Bali. This is a very attractive and incredible beach.
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