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Tulamben Beach, the Most Incredible Diving Spot In Bali

Tulamben Beach is very popular among both local and international tourists. The beach is popular for its diversity of underwater species. The beach has various species of fish and other sea creatures. That is why the beach is suitable for diving activity. Divers can enjoy the beautiful underwater life. They can learn many species of fish living in it, such as mola-mola sunfish, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and many others. 
It is actually not only the underwater life that makes the beach attractive, but also the nature surrounding the beach. The beach has fine sand and trees grow along the coastline. The trees make the beach feel fresh and cool. When you are in the beach, you can feel the light breeze of the sea water.  
          Tulamben Beach is situated in a village right across the Lombok Strait. It lies on the northwest coast of Bali. Since the beach lies in a quiet village, the atmosphere around the beach is so calm and peaceful. You can relax and rest in the beach after tired of long journey traveling to Bali. You can refresh your mind and body once you have arrived at the beach. After having enough rest, you can start to think about activities you will do in the beach. There are many activities you can do, including diving in various diving spots around the beach. 

          As previously mentioned, the most popular activity you can do in Tulamben Beach is scuba diving. Tulamben is very popular for its diving spots, especially the USS Liberty. USS Liberty is a shipwreck which sank in 1963 when Mount Agung erupted. Divers can easily access the spot from Tulamben. It is a magnificent view in the underwater of Tulamben. If you have a plan to dive in this beach, you don’t have to worry about the equipment. You can rent the equipment along with a guide from Tulamben Dive Centre. The dive center has been running for more than 20 years. It also provides professional guides to lead you when you dive. The guide will take you to the most beautiful places in the beach. He/she will take you to beautiful coral gardens and to the USS Liberty shipwreck. This will be a fun and exciting activity. In addition, Tulamben is also popular for fishing spot. You can try fishing when visiting this beach. 

          You can find many hotels and resorts when visiting Tulamben Beach. The hotels and resorts offer comfortable rooms to stay. The hotels even lie less than 10 km from Tulamben. This is surely beneficial for you since you don’t need to take taxi or other public transportation to go towards the hotels. Among the hotels that lie less than 10 km from Tulamben include Mimpo Resort Tulamben, Ocean View Tulamben, Blue Hill Tulamben and KajaNe Tulamben. You can also stay in a bigger and more luxurious hotek such as Emeral Tulamben Beach Hotel.
          You should never miss scuba diving when visiting Tulamben Beach. Enjoy the incredible underwater life of the beach.
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