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Ungasan Beach, the Remote but Fascinating Beach in Bali

If you are looking for the prettiest beach in Bali, why don’t you try to visit Ungasan Beach? The beach is so beautiful that it is the right place to relax and refresh your mind. Especially, the beach is located in a remote area of Ungasan. Since, it lies in a remote area, there are only a few visitors coming to this beach. Nevertheless, the beauty of this beach is comparable to many popular beaches in Bali, such as Kuta or Nusa Dua. 
The beach has exotic panorama, clean, white sand, perfect waves and crystal clear blue sea water. The beach also faces directly to Indian Ocean, making the panorama more beautiful. The beauty of the beach even places it into the first list of beaches in Bali that visitors must visit by travelers who have come to the beach. CNN also mentions this beach as the most beautiful hidden beach in Bali.  
          Just like its name, the beach is situated in Ungasan Village, Bali, Indonesia. As previously mentioned, the beach lies in a remote area. It is clamped by exotic high cliffs. Hence, visitors who want to come to this beach must go down the valleys around the cliffs to reach the beach. It is quite difficult track, though, once you have arrived at the beach, you’ll be presented by the most fascinating panorama that you may have never seen before.
You don’t have to worry either since the local government and some owner of property around the beach have made a helpful track towards the beach. The track is accessible, easy and safe. You only need to be patient when travelling towards the beach. Hard work means deserving the best. All your hard work will pay full with the beauty of the beach in the end of the track you have to pass. Ungasan with its stunning panorama will make you satisfied, relaxed and fresh.

          When you come to Ungasan Beach, you can do many things, including surfing or swimming. If you don’t want to do water activities, you can simply enjoy the panorama. Sitting in the beach will feel refreshing. There are many local people who will offer your drinks. Enjoy the drinks or food they may offer. The price of the food and drinks is quite affordable. You can also do relaxing activities, such as having massages, doing meditation or yoga. You will feel fresh after doing these activities. 

          Actually, there are many hotels and resorts you can find in around Ungasan Beach. You can stay in one of the hotels and resorts you prefer. Among the best hotels and resorts you can select include Karma Kandara, Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bulgari Resort & Hotel Bali, Banyan Tree Ungasan, InterContinental Bali Resort and Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. The hotels and resorts offer complete facilities for guests. You can enjoy comfortable bedroom and deliciouc menu in these hotels and resorts.
          If you have have a plan to visit Bali, include this beatiful Ungasan Beach in your travel plan. You will never regret your decision.
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