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Virgin Beach, A Beach with Many Alias Names in Bali

Virgin Beach may not be as popular as other beaches in Bali, such as Kuta, Sanur, Dreamland and many others. Especially, the beach has many names, i.e. Pasir Purih Beach, Bias Putih Beach and Perasi Beach. The names have made some tourists confused and don’t realize that these beaches are actually the same beach. Regardless the names and not being popular, the beach has so many advantages.
The nature, the panorama, the tourism potential and many more offer comfort and peace to visitors. When you visit the beach, you will like you are in paradise. The beach and the surrounding area are so beautiful that you will be amazed only by looking at them in a glance.
          Virgin Beach is a beach, which is hidden behind two hills, i.e. Apen and Penggiang Hills. The steep hills make visitors find it difficult to reach it. Especially, the access to the beach is quite difficult. No sign along the road makes it more difficult to reach the beach. However, you can always ask local villagers to show you the way. They will gladly show you how to get to the beach. To reach the beach, you can pass Perasi Village, which is only about 2 km from the beach. If you start your trip from Candidasa or Denpasar, you can drive towards Amlapura. From Amlapura, you can directly go to Perasi Village. From the village, you only need to follow the sign towards the beach. When you arrive at the beach, you will not be surprised of why the beach is difficult to reach. The beach is like a “virgin” beach since the beach is still so natural and pure. This is why the beach is called Virgin Beach.  

          When you visit Virgin Beach, you will not want to do anything but enjoying the beautiful panorama. You must only want to sit down and enjoy the scenery of the sea waves rolling and feel the breeze of the sea wind. However, you may want to play in the crystal clear of the sea water. The clean and clear water is safe for you to play or swim. It’s so refreshing playing in the beach. The beach is so calm that it is also suitable for relaxing activities, such as meditation, yoga or have massage. You can rent chairs or umbrellas to enjoy the beautiful panorama. In addition, you can do water activities like diving or snorkeling.

          When you plan to spend the night around Virgin Beach, you can stay in Candi Dasa. In Candi Dasa, you can find many small hotels and lodges. They provide adequate facilities for visitors. Comfortable bedroom and delicious menu are among their service. You will feel convenient staying in the hotels. Especially, the peaceful atmosphere of the village makes you feel like you can contemplate with the surrounding area. 
          Visiting Virgin Beach will give you unforgettable experience. The challenging track and the beautiful panorama of the beach will always be kept in your mind. It will be your everlasting memory. 
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