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Bunaken Island, the Most Amazing Island in the Marine Parks of North Sulawesi

Bunaken Island is one of the most popular diving spots in the world. The popularity of Bunaken has spread around the world. The area of Bunaken is about 890 km2. Bunaken along with Siladen, Manado Tua, Mantehage and Nain has made the most beautiful marine park in Sulawesi. The government has managed the marine park so well that it becomes home of various species of fish and sea creatures. All the creatures are protected, and no one is allowed to take any species from the waters. However, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the underwater panorama by diving or snorkeling. The both activities are challenging and exciting. You can see various shapes of fish and other creatures in the waters.   
        Bunaken Island is situated in the northern tip of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The island belongs to Manado Municipality. You can reach the island from Manado by boat for about 45 to 60 minutes. When you have arrived at Manado, and have selected a resort to stay, most of the resort serves their guests with a means of transportation to transport their guest to the resort from the airport. The transfer enable the guests to be more comfortable with their travel. 
       The guests will not have to bother thinking about the transportation. However, if you want to save your budget, you can go by public boat towards the island. You need to pay for Rp25,000 ($2.50) one way for tourists and Rp10,000 ($1.00) for locals. Otherwise, you can charter a private boat to Bunaken from Manado Harbor. Surely, it takes more budget.  

          Bunaken Island has complete facilities for visitors to do various things. It provides area for visitors to do the activity they provide. When you visit Bunaken, you can do some activities including beach combing, fishing, hiking and dolphin catching. These activities are the simplest activities you can do. However, you can also do a more extreme activity such as diving and snorkeling. Especially for professionals, these activities offer a fun and exciting activity. 
        While if you are an amateur, diving and snorkeling should not be done without any guidance. You should ask for a help from a more professional and experienced diver to guide you. With the guide, your diving or snorkeling activity can be much safer.

          Visitors can stay in a dive resort available in Bunaken Island. However, staying in the resort may be considered expensive for some Indonesian people. No matter how expensive it is, staying in the resort is the only option. For backpackers, there are no budget options. There are several resorts you can choose when visiting Bunaken. They are Bunaken SeaGarden Resort, Bastianos Dive Resort, Bunaken Beach Resort, Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, Bunaken Divers Seabreeze Resort and many others. The rate of these resorts depends on the holiday season. Peak season is usually more expensive. Hence, it is better for you to come to Bunaken at other than peak season.    
          Bunaken Island has an amazing scenery. Visiting this island will not waste your money and time. Especially with the complete facilities, spending your holiday in this island is the right choice.
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