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Ekas Beach, One of The Best Surfing Spots In Lombok

Ekas Beach is one of beautiful beaches in Lombok. The location lies together with the same coastline of Surga Beach or Heaven Beach. The beach becomes an area of floating houses for some local residents as well. But, don’t think if you will find messy condition because the beach is so stunning and exotic. You will see crystal water with turquoise color. The stretches of the coastline in the beach offers you an amazing panorama. The condition of Ekas Beach is just like a strait. It has white sand and stretches with powerful waves of water. The main potential of the beach is water activities, such as surfing and sea-sighting.
The local government has been trying to develop Ekas Beach to be one of tourist destinations in Lombok. They build infrastructure, communication network, and other accommodations. The biodiversity of the ecosystem and the topography around the beach create a vast area. That is mean it will be easier for tourists who want to capture sunrise and sunset.
Equals Beach lies in Pemongkong Village, Jerowaru Sub-district, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. From Selaparang Airport, it takes around two hours. To reach the beach, you can ride a motorcycle or a car. From Mataram City, it takes around 1 – 2 hours. If you want a practical trip, it is so much easier if you rent a car with a driver because they speak the local language. You only need to pay IDR400,000 or US$40 per day. The most popular car rental here is Praya Travel. You can contact their website to take you to the beach around Ekas Beach. The infrastructure toward the beach is quite adequate and smooth. 

As mentioned above, the infrastructure toward Ekas Beach is smooth. You can enjoy the green scenery and fisherman's life along the trip. Their life depends on the sea and they spend their time longer in the middle of the sea. If you want to know about their life, you can come closer to see the net to search the fish. It will give you knowledge about local residents.
Unfortunately, there are no lodges or hotels here. Thus, you cannot spend the night here. Even, you have to bring your own meal and drinking because there are no food stalls along the beach. But, you still can eat and taste your food in the gazebo near the beach. The local residents are so hospitable. Thus, don’t doubt to make a friend with them.

As you enter into the area of Ekas Beach, you will not see the beauty of the beach directly because the first scenery you will find is resident’s house. Most of them are fishermen and they are so familiar to net fish and waves of water. If you walk further, then you will find the sand of the beach. The local residents always keep the beach clean and that is why you will not see any rubbish around this area. 
Ekas Beach offers you good waves of water which is very suitable for surfers. The waves are not too big and they are not dangerous. If you are an amateur surfer, you can learn it here. Actually, the beach offers you high quality of waves because it is perfect for all surfers, from an amateur until professional surfers. The type of the waves are reef-rocky with right and left direction. The shape of the waves can be wall, heavy and pipe styles.
There are two favorite surfing spots here, i.e. outside Ekas and inside Ekas. The first one is left-handed waves with 5 – 10 feet height. It has powerful and strong waves with wide surface. The second one lies in the strait. The waves create an amazing peak of the wall and it can reach 12 feet. Thus, if you are a real surfer, you can try these spots.

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