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Guraici Island, An Exotic Island With Potential Fishing Spots In North Maluku

Guraici Island is the group of exotic islands in Eastern Indonesia. The beauty of the beach becomes more fascinating because it has complete water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, and jet-ski. Besides that, Guraici Island is one of the best diving spots in North Maluku. At least, there are 10 diving spots found here. The white sand stretches along the beach with various coral reef. Underwater life of the island invites amateur and professional divers to come and explore the marine life. The panorama of Guraici is so stunning and completely different than other diving spots in Indonesia.
One of the uniqueness that is found on the seabed of Guraici is giant manta fish. They are tame animal and you can swim together with them. You also can fish around the island because the beach riches of fish. Because the location closes to the equator, it makes the Guraici Island having beautiful underwater life and fish.
As an uninhabited island, you will rarely meet residents. But, you still can enjoy the beauty of the island because from the distance, you can see Burung Island which becomes home for hundreds of birds. When the tide is low, you can cross the island by walking along the white sand that form a trail. 
Guraici Island lies at South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, Indonesia. There are two options to reach the island. First, you can take a regular ship that takes about eight hours. You need to pay IDR80.000 or US$8 per person and you will arrive at Lelei Port. Then, you can take a motorcycle to reach the destination. Second, you can take a speedboat that takes around 2 – 3 hours. You need to hire it and pay it for about IDR3,000,000 – IDR5,000,000 or US$300 – US$500 per speedboat.

Accommodations in the Guraici Island are quite adequate. Thus, if you want to spend your vacation longer, you can stay here. There are many hotels and lodges you can choose. Besides that, the restaurants will offer you peculiar dishes from Halmahera. You can stay in the cottages along the beach as well by paying IDR500,000 or US$50 per night.

Guraici Island is a paradise for one who love fishing. The island riches of fish and you will not go home without them. You can fish in the shoreline. Just wait for a few minutes and you will catch the fish. While waiting your fishing rod under the sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the island. 
The island is suitable for diving as well. You can explore 10 diving spots that become a favorite destination for divers. Guraici Island riches of coral reef and colorful fish. The water is very clear and calm. The equator position of the island influences the variety of underwater life. That is why you will see biodiversity of marine life here. Swimming together with manta fish, dolphins, and sharks become one of unforgettable moments.
In order to spread the popularity of Guraici Island, the local government organizes Guraici Festival during summer, especially in the middle of June. The festival offers you so many traditional cultures and competitions, such as traditional dancing, rowing race, swimming competition, underwater photography, and cooking competition. They will invite you to do coral reef transplantation as well.
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