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Kampung Batik Kauman, A Complex of Batik Producer in Surakarta

Kampung Batik Kauman is a kind of village in which all the people sell batik. Batik is a typical cloth made by the local people. If you visit Surakarta, visiting this kampung will be the right choice. You can shop many incredible batik clothes as souvenirs. Kampung Kauman is closely related to the history of removing of the Kartosuro Kingdom to Solo. 
Kauman was the place where many officials of the kingdom at that time like anom, ketip, modin, suronoto and kaum gathered in this place. People called kauman since there were many kaum (servants of kingdom) lived in the village. Until right now, the area is called kauman. They made special clothes of batik for the royal family of Surakata. From generation to generation, they made batik with its various types. Today, kauman is known as batik cloth producer. 
Kampung Batik Kauman is situated in Trisula Street, Kauman, Nonongan Solo Kota or Kliwon Market, Central Java, Indonesia. The art of making batik of the people of Kauman is inherited from their ancestors. In its development, the art of making batik in this village is divided into three types, i.e. classical batik (written batik), stamped batik and the combination of both. Written batik has various patterns influenced by the art of batik or Surakarta Kingdom. Most batik products of this area are made using natural silk and woven silk, cotton and rayon. There are about 30 home industries in Kauman. The home industries support the products sold around Kauman. Many visitors admire the art of batik cloth. They are tourists from Asia, Europe and America. 

          Kampung Batik Kauman is a unique village where almost all people there live their life making batik clothes. There are many small shops around the village. Hence, when you visit the village, you can shop batik clothes. You can take a look at the collection of batik clothes in all of the shops. There are also souvenirs made of batik, such as fan, key hangers, paintings or wall decoration. Even, you can find bed covers made of batik here. Walking around Kauman is so exhausting as the village is so vast. However, when you will be satisfied since you can find many things in this village. You can also learn about the various types of batik clothes. Visiting the home industry are also a fun activity. You can learn how batik is made.

          When you have a plan traveling to Surakarta, you should plan your trip carefully. There are many places you can visit in this city. However, it is better for you to think thoroughly about the accommodation, including the hotel where you should stay and what you should do and bring. The important is that you don’t forget to bring a camera. You can perpetuate many beautiful places and objects here. While, the hotel option is various, including Novotel or Hotel Indonesia.
          Visiting Surakarta will give you great experience. You can explore the entire city and learn about many things. Include Kampung Batik Kauman in your travel plan.
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