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Legian Beach, One of the Most Popular Beaches in Bali

Legian Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali other than Jimbaran and Kuta. The beach has white sand and calm waves, perfect for surfing. Foreign tourists are interested in visiting the beach because it has complete facilities, like hotels, spas, bar, restaurant, and art shops. Visitors of the beach can shop souvenirs in the art shops when they go home. The popularity of Legian is always compared to Kuta. However, the beach is not too crowded just like Kuta. In addition, in Legian there is no road access toward the beach. Hence, the beach is quiet with fewer visitors than Kuta. For those who love peace, the beach is suitable for relaxation. 
          Legian Beach is situated in Legian Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency. It takes about 20 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai Airport and 13 minutes from Denpasar City. The beach lies next to Kuta. Thus, if you are in Kuta, you can go to Legian on foot. The beach is near Seminyak as well. You can also go from Seminyak to Legian on foot. As previously mentioned, the beach is not as crowded as Kuta. However, over the years, many visitors are interested more and more in this beach. Thus, visitors increase year by year. The government now is trying to develop more facilities for tourists. And so does the local people. They try their best to serve the tourists, which come either from around Indonesia or all over the world. 

          You can surf, dive, swim or snorkel in this beach. However, the most popular activity you can do here is bungy jumping. This is one of extreme sports offered by this beach. You can jump from a tower with the height of 45 meter. There is one mode of Bungy Jumping, namely AJ Hawckett, near Club Double Six. You can do bungy jumping in the morning, afternoon or evening. Ask your friend or family to take a picture of you when you jump. This will be the best remembrance of your visit to Legian. In the evening, you can prepare yourself to find the best place to enjoy the sunset. You’ll see the beautiful sun setting in the west. The sun will look like it touches the horizon.

          When you visit Legian, you can stay in Legian Beach Villa. The villa offers various rates for visitors. You can adjust your budget with the rate of the villa. If you have enough, you can select the most luxurious room. The rate also always changes depending on the season. At low season, i.e. at the rest of year, the rate is about Rp6,675,000 ($695.00) per night 8 persons. At high season, i.e. June to October, the rate is Rp7,635,000 ($795.00) per night 8 persons. While at peak season, i.e. December to January, the rate is Rp8,600,000 ($895.00) per night 8 persons. 
          Overall, Legian offers the best service for visitors coming to the beach. Hence, you will not find any difficulties to find various facilities, such as ATM, taxi or bus. Legian Beach should be your destination when you visit Bali.
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