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Medang Island, Enjoying Natural Scenery While Diving in West Nusa Tenggara

Medang Island is a cluster of small islands and administratively lies at Sumbawa Island. The island has two villages, i.e. Bugis Medang Village and Bajo Medang Village. These villages have potential underwater tourism because when you dive, you will see diversity of marine life. Total area of the island is 27.65 km2 and majority of the residents are Moslem. 
One of the uniqueness of the island is that they have tradition of Nganyang. It is the kind of hunting agenda for local residents. Medang Island has wonderful underwater life. Most of the residents here are fishermen and plant seaweed. They put bottles as a sign to cultivate seaweed with total area around 4 km2. Medang Island is also adjacent to Moyo Island in Sumbawa Regency.
Administratively, Medang Island lies in Labuan Badas Sub-district, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia and situated around 27 km from Sumbawa Island and 8 km from Moyo Island. To reach Medang, you can cross the sea from Mulut Kali Pier in Badas Sub-district, which is taken around 4 – 5 hours. You also can start your trip from the port in Moyo Island which is taking around 1 hour.
But, if you come from Lombok, you can take public transportation from Mataram City to Kayangan Port. Then, you will need to cross the sea to Pototano Port. From there, you will continue your journey to Sumbawa City and then Mulut Kali Pier by mini bus. You only need to pay around IDR3.000 or US$0. 3. After you have arrived at Mulut Kali Pier, you can take a boat to take you to Medang Island. 

Medang Island is one of the best spots for you who love diving and snorkeling. The small island is inhabited by Bajo tribe. The panorama of the island is so beautiful because you will see crystal water with calm waves. At the east of the island, you will be treated by local farming and at the west, you will see the lake and mangrove forest.
Not only a fine sand and incredible scenery, you also will enjoy the breeze while sitting on the white sand. The lighthouse can be seen from a distance and it has become a sign for ships to see the direction. As the residents here are cultivating seaweed, you will see hundreds bottles floating on the surface. These bottles are not trash because it is used by residents as a sign to notice them if these areas becomes seaweed cultivation.
Not only seaweed cultivation, the landscape around the island is amazing. You can snorkel or dive if you like to enjoy the underwater panorama. There are various fish and coral reefs form unique shapes. The condition of underwater life in Medang Island is still natural. With crystal water, it will easy for you to see diversity of marine life there.
After diving, you can continue your journey to visit Moyo Island, which is close to Medang Island. The stretch of cliffs and marine life, these islands become a paradise for those who love nature and adventure. Thus, included Medang Island any time you visit Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
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