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Nambo Beach, The Stretch of White Sand With The Fresh Coconut Drinking

Nambo Beach is one of tourist destinations in Kendari City, South East Sulawesi. The beach has the stretch of white sand for about 300 meters. The waves of water are quite calm with clear water. The beach will be full of visitors on Sunday and holiday. They want to spend the time with friends and family together. You can stroll along the coastline on the fine sand. From the distance, you can see so many people playing water, running, or swimming. Even, you will have a chance to see Bajo tribe village from the coastline. As fishermen, they search the fish in the middle of the sea. If you are thirsty, you can taste the freshness of young coconut. They sell food and drinking with their hospitality.
Nambo Beach lies in Nambo Village, Abeli Sub-district, Kendari, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. From Kendari, the distance is around 12 km and it can be reached for about 30 minutes. The trip to the beach is fun. You will go along the Kendari Strait that full of mangrove forests and also enjoy fishermen villages.
Before you arrive at the beach, you have to break through the hills. Winding streets and steep cliffs will accompany you along the journey. But you will not feel bored because the panorama is so refreshing and you can rid the stress from your mind. You can go to Nambo Beach by a motorcycle, a car, or public transportation. If you start your trip from Walter Monginsidi Airport, it will take about 20 minutes. And if you start it from Kendari Port, you can ride traditional boat.

The facilities in the Nambo Beach are quite complete. It has a vast parking area, bathing room, gazebo, food stalls, toilet, and many more. You only need to pay IDR2,000 or US$0.2 to enter the beach area. The local government has been trying to develop the facilities here to give comfortable feeling to all visitors. Besides that, there are many hotels that close the Nambo Beach, such as Swiss-Belhotel Kendari and Plaza Inn.

Nambo Beach is identical with carpet of white sand. The panorama around here is still natural. Originally, the area around this beach was mangrove forest. But now, the condition is so much different. You can play fine sand, beach volley, swimming, running, or just sitting to see the waves of water from the sea. The coconut trees are lining very tidy to add the beauty of the beach. The food stalls standing along the coastline. But the most favorite drinking here is coconut water. While enjoying the coconut water, you can supervise your kids when they play in the water. 
If you want to capture an exotic scenery in Nambo Beach, you can wait until sunset. From the distance, you can see fishermen fishing with their traditional boats. Bajo tribe is a real fisherman. They sail to search fish and marine creatures for their life. The beach becomes optional destination for local residents for their vacation. At least, they can spend the time to build togetherness with their family. Cheap accommodation and close to their home are the main reasons.
On the certain occasions, there is Melasti Ceremony. The ceremony of Hindu religion is held on the beach before Nyepi Celebration. If you are lucky and witness this ceremony, you will see many boats that released to the sea. The leader of the rite will put a variety of offerings on the boats. After that, they will push the boat to the sea. This is a kind of cleaning procession for all participants.
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