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Pandawa Beach, A Beach with a Stunning Panorama in Bali

Pandawa Beach is one of good alternative tourist objects you can visit when you are in Bali. Th beach is beautiful with its natural panorama and stunning sand. The beach is not too far from country areas. For some tourists, Pandawa may not be a popular beach. However, including the beach in your travel plan will not be a waste. The beach has an amazing view. 
The beach looks natural and it is meaningful for the people around the beach. It is the produce of sea weed. Most people around the beach are fishermen. Hence, when you visit the beautiful, you will see a stunning panorama of the people going to the beach to catch fish and sea weed.  
Pandawa Beach is situated in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency. When you go to Kuta, you will not only be able to see Kuta or Padang-Padang Beaches, but also Pandawa Beach. Pandawa is near almost all popular tourist destinations such as Nusa Dua, Uluwatu Temple, Kuta Beach and Padang-Padang Beach. Hence, when you visit the beach, you can also visit those tourists objects at once. When you are in this beach, you will see an interesting panorama. It is lime-hills stretching along the beach. The beach is not too far from the city of Denpasar. So, when you visit Bali, you will not find any difficulty to find this beach.  
          Just like any other beaches, you can do many activities when you are in the Pandawa Beach. The most interesting activities you can do here is water activities like surfing. Surfing here is challenging since the waves are big and powerful. You don’t need to go to the middle of the sea to surf. You only need to go about 10 m from the beach, and you can start surfing. Apart of this surfing activity, you can sunbath or lie down in the beach. Sunbathing or lying down in the beach is a relaxing activity. You can feel the breeze of the calm sea wind, or you can feel the fresh of the air around the beach. You can rent an umbrella and chairs around the beach. You only need to pay for about Rp30,000 (US$3.00) to rent those equipment.  

          Since Pandawa Beach lies next to many popular tourist destinations, you will not find any difficulty when you look for a hotel. There are many hotels you can stay, like Pandawa Beach Villas and Spa. Most tourists spend the night in the hotel. Otherwise, you can find many other hotels around the highway of Jimbaran. There, you will have a wide range of selection of hotels and resorts. 
          Spending your holiday in Bali is a good choice. You will have a wide range of selection of tourist destinations to visit. Within a short period time of holiday, you can enjoy all beautiful tourist destinations in Bali, including Pandawa Beach. Plan carefully your holiday, and visit this beautiful beach as well as all tourist destinations around the beach.

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