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Penyu Beach, A Protected Area for Green Turtles in Bali

Penyu Beach is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Bali. It is unique because the beach is not only specifically aimed as a tourist destination, but also a place to conserve turtles. Hence, when you visit the beach, you will find many turtles wander around the beach. They are all protected, so you can enjoy the beautiful creatures and even you can touch them. 
The turtles are rare animals since the species living in this island is green turtles. It is not easy to find such creatures somewhere else. It may only live in a specific place like this Penyu Beach. Apart from turtles panorama, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach. The beach is so beautiful that you will never regret visiting it.  
          Penyu Beach is situated in Tanjung Benoa. Although the beach is not as popular as many other tourists destinations in Bali, the beach offers beauty that is comparable to other popular beaches like Kuta or Sanur. Many tourists interest in visiting the beach because of its uniqueness. The beach conserves many beautiful green turtles. This is what becomes the main attraction of this beach. If you are interested in visiting the beach, you only need to go to by boat to reach the island from the main island of Bali. You only need to go by boat for about 15 minutes to reach Tanjung Benoa.  

          The main activity you can do in Penyu Beach is to try water tourism activity. There is a package of water tourism in Tanjung Benoa. The package serves tourists to see and enjoy unique creature of turtles. Tourists will be taken to the middle of the sea about 300 to 500 meters. Along with a guide, tourists will go by boat toward the sea to enjoy the turtles. The crystal clear of the sea water allows tourist to see the turtles swimming. Also, many other sea creatures can be seen clearly such as coral reefs, various species of fishes and other flora and fauna. You can bring some food and try to throw the food into the sea. Soon, you will sea many fishes and turtles catch the food.

          When visiting Penyu Beach, you can stay in one of the best hotels around the beach. You will have many choices of hotels to stay. Among the best hotels include Resort Ramada Benoa Bali Rp836.036 (US83.00), Novotel Bali Benoa Rp842.975 (US84.00), Princess Benoa Beach Resort Rp642.858 (US64.00), Resort & Spa Bali Khama Rp970.409 (US97.00) and Kondotel Segara Rp761.570 (US76.00). When you visit the beach, you cannot only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach, but you can also learn about the rare creature of green turtles. You will see this amazing creature living in a protected area. The government has tried hard to protect them. And you can see how the creatures grow well in this beach.

          Include this beautiful beach in your travel. You will have a great experience when you decide to visit Penyu Beach.

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