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Sanur Beach, One of the Main Tourist Attractions in Bali

Sanur Beach is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Bali. It has beautiful white sand and calm sea water. Sanur has been very popular, not only in Indonesia, but also all around the world. This is not surprising since Sanur has a lot of things to offer. It has complete facilities and the infrastructure towards the beach is adequate.
Sanur is a good choice to spend holidays. Many people love spending their holiday in this beautiful beach. Tourists, from children to middle ages, love visiting this beach. Some of the tourists are Europeans, and some others Australian. Local tourists also love visiting this beautiful beach. 
          Sanur Beach is situated in Denpasar. Precisely, it lies in eastside and south part of Sanur Village. The region of Sanur has been very popular, especially the resorts, hotels and restaurants offering their best service to guests. The beach is easily accessible. It is only about 20 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. You only need to pay for about Rp95,000 (US$10.00) to reach the beach. You can also go by bus. There are many buses and local means of transportation, bemos, in the airport. Take the bus or bemo that has a trip towards the beach. When you have arrived at Sanur, it is also easy to get around the beach. You can get around by car, motorbike or bicycle. Many rentals offer these vehicles.     

          Since Sanur Beach has become one of the main tourist destinations in Bali, the government has developed the area of the beach into one of the best tourist objects. Many facilities to support tourists activities have been built, such as cooking class. You can take part in this cooking class, that is specifically designed for tourists. One of the cooking class is provided by Caraway Bali Cooking Class. In addition, tourits can also in this beautiful beach. There are many dive operators you can select, such as Diving-Indo in Danau Poso Street. There are also many water sports you can try such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, wakeboarding and surfing. The activities you can do here will give you unforgettable experience.        

          Sanur Beach provides many hotels and resorts that tourists can select. Depending on your budget, you can select one of the hotels to spend the night. For budget rate, you can select Yulia1 Homestay in Danau Tamblingan Street 38 with the rate of Rp 160,000 to Rp 250,000 (US17.00 to US$26.00). While for mid-range budget, you can select Ananda Beach Hotel in Hangtuah Street, with the rate of Rp 300,000 (US$31.00). And for splurge rate, you can select Villa Mahapala in Pantai Sindhu Street, with the rate of around Rp 3,300,000 (US$325) per night. With these various rates of hotels, you can select one that suit to your preference.
          If you have a plan to travel to Bali, Sanur Beach should be your first consideration. The beach offers a lot of interesting things to do. Spending your holiday in Sanur will be fun and exciting.
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