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Tanjung Bastian Beach, Escaping From Routine While Watching Horse Racing In East Nusa Tenggara

Tanjung Bastian Beach is a beach with stretches of white sand in East Nusa Tenggara. The stretches of sand reach about hundred meters with crystal water. For you who love adventure and want to escape from routine can come here to enjoy stunning panorama. Not only having friendly nature, the beach is also occupied by friendly residents. They welcome all tourists and assure them that Tanjung Bastian Beach is a safe beach.
Tanjung Bastian Beach lies in Wini City, north of Timur Tengah Utara Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The distance is about 65 km from Kefamenanu City. The location of the beach is strategic because it can be reached by buses, travel agents, or even motorcycles. From Wini sub-district, you can go to the beach for about 5 km toward east direction. Wini itself has direct boarder to Timor Leste. This condition makes the beach becomes one of potential tourist destinations in East Nusa Tenggara.

When you come to enjoy the stunning panorama in Tanjung Bastian Beach, you will see if the beach is still virgin. The residents take care the beaches very well. Besides that, you also will see other attractive activities here, such as horse racing. In order to provide the facilities, you will see the horse racing tracks here. Some people consider the tracks in Tanjung Bastian Beach as one of the most beautiful horse racing tracks in Indonesia. Thus, if you travel to Kefamenanu, don’t miss the beach because it is worth to visit.
If you want to feel the real adventure, you can go to Tanjung Bastian Beach by motorcycle. When you start your trip from Kefamenanu City, it takes around one hour. The road toward the beach is winding and narrow. The scenery along the roads are fresh. When you come closer to the beach, you start to see steep rocky hills that flank the roads. According to the local residents, the west side of rocky hills is adjacent to Timor Leste. The hills stretch along the streets and this will give you different sensation. 
As you enter the beach, you will see a big round of tracks that are lined by white woods. There are audience stages at the south of horse racing tracks. The track is well-known as Tanjung Bastian Horse Racing Track. The events of horse racing are held routinely 3 – 4 a year. When the event is held, the crowds of audiences flood the stages. The atmosphere becomes so merry. But, when there is no event, the tracks changes become so quiet.
Tanjung Bastian Beach is also filled with thorny shrubs and tamarind trees. The areas become shady because these trees grow well. In some spots, there are many cottages. You can rest there for a while. The combination of hills, white sand and horse racing tracks in Tanjung Bastian Beach become one of alternative tourist destinations when you visit East Nusa Tenggara. The best time to enjoy Tanjung Bastian Beach is when the sun almost set. Before that, you still can enjoy the clear water with hills and rocks surround the coastline.
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