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Tanjung Kasuari Beach to Rest and Relax Your Mind in West Papua

Tanjung Kasuari Beach is a calm and relaxing tourism site in Sorong. The beach has fine sand and crystal clear of blue sea water. The beach also has thick trees that surround the area. The scenery of the beach is also stunning. It becomes some kind of oasis in the middle of hot day in Sorong. You can lie in under the green trees around the beach. 
The beach has become more and more popular lately. It’s no wonder that you can find many tourists visiting the beach, especially at weekend. The waves are also strong and powerful making it perfect for a surfing activity. When you visit Sorong, don’t forget to include the beach into your travel plan. 

          Tanjung Kasuari Beach is situated in Sorong City, West Papua. The beach is about 7 Km of the downtown of Sorong. You can visit the beach by public transportation such as minibus or small vehicles transportation. You can also rent a private car to reach the beach. If you want to save more budget, you can rent a small vehicle in urban areas. It is much cheaper since you only need to pay for Rp100,000 to Rp200,000 (US$10.00 to US$20.00). It takes about 30 minutes driving from Sorong to the beach. Since the beach has become one of the most popular tourists destination in Sorong, it is always crowded every day. Tourist of all ages have come to the beach with different purposes. Some tourists want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while some others want to do water activities.

          Tanjung Kasuari Beach is a perfect place to do various things, such as water activities. Water activities include surfing, diving, snorkeling or swimming and playing in the water. Doing these water activities water will be fun and exciting, especially if you do it together with your friends or family. However, if you don’t want to get wet, you can simply rest and relax in the edge of the beach. You can talk about many things with your friend or family or partner. Having a nice chat in this beach will be fun. You can even do relaxing activities like yoga or massages. It will refresh your mind and relaxing your body.   

          Tanjung Kasuari Beach is not too far from Sorong. So, it is better for you to go back to Sorong after you have done enough activities in the beach. You can then spend the night in Sorong. There are many hotels and lodges you can select to stay. They include Hotel Sahid Mariat, Hotel JE Meridien Sorong, Hotel Grand Pacific and Hotel Royal Mamberamo. These hotels provide complete facilities for their guests. Comfortable bedrooms are also available for guests. You can enjoy delicious menu, both local and international. You can enjoy the night life of Sorong while staying in one of these hotels.
      Tanjung Kasuari Beach is recommended for you to visit. This is the most beautiful tourist destination in Sorong. Never miss this place if you visit Sorong.
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