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Tidore Island, Visiting Historical Tourist Destination In North Maluku

Tidore Island is one of islands in North Maluku, Indonesia. The location lies at the west of Halmahera Island and close to Ternate Island. As a historical island, Tidore has many interesting spots for tourist destinations. Besides that, the panorama in Akesahu which lies on the coastline looks so stunning because it has a background of Tidore Mountain and Maitara Island. This area becomes more popular because all of Indonesian people recognize Maitara Island on the banknote of IDR1,000.
As natural and historical tourism, the local government has been trying to develop the infrastructure and facilities here. It is not surprising because Tidore Island has potential tourism in Eastern Indonesia. With the natural scenery, beaches, peculiar tradition and culture, it makes Tidore becomes one of tourist destinations in Indonesia.
Tidore Island doesn’t have an airport. If you start your journey from Jakarta, you can take a flight to Babullah Airport at Ternate Island. You can take Garuda, Lion Air, or Sriwijaya Air that takes around four hours. As you arrive at the airport, you can continue your trip to Bastiong Port for about 10 minutes. From Bastiong, there are two options to go to Rum Port in Tidore Island, i.e. by a speedboat and ferry. If you choose a ferry, you need to pay IDR5,000 or US$0.5 per person for about 30 minutes. If you choose a speedboat, you need to pay IDR8,000 or US$0.8 per person for about five minutes.
After you arrive at Rum Port, you can take local transportation to Soasio City, the capital of Tidore Islands by paying IDR9,000 or US$0.9 for about 30 minutes. Along the journey to Soasio City, you will see the coastal area with beautiful scenery and witness Gamalama Mountain in Ternate. The easier way to reach Soasio City is by riding a bentor or motorcycle. for this, you only need to pay around IDR4.000 or US$0.4.
The accommodations in the Tidore Island are adequate. When you decide to stay in Seroja Hotel, you need to pay IDR200,000 or US$20 per night. Besides that, you also can stay in the guest houses. If you want to taste local dishes, you can come to Waroeng Alriska.

As you come to Tidore Island, you can visit many tourist destinations here. First, you can go to Keraton Tidore or Tidore Palace. In this place, you can see a luxurious Tidore Palace with the background of Kie Matubu Mountain that has altitude 1,730 meters. On the first floor, there is a museum. The museum collects the journey of Kesultanan Tidore and the arrival of colonizer to search condiments.  
The next destination is Gura Bunga. Gura Bunga is a village on the slope of Kie Matubu Mountain. This village is so popular as the residence for sowohi or the connector between Kesultanan Tidore and the spirit of the ancestors. As the residence of suwohi, you will see six houses there. The age of the house is considered about hundred years. 
But, don’t think you will find modern houses, electricity and sophisticated appliances because you will only see simple houses. It was made from bamboo, ground floor, and the roof made from sago leaves. To reach Gura Bunga, you can take public transportation and you need to pay around IDR10,000 or US$1 from Soasio Terminal. If you want the easy way, you can rent a car and pay IDR150,000 or US$15 per day.
The last destination is visiting Tahula Fort in Soasio City. The fort was made by Spanish sailors. To reach the fort, you need to come up on the stairs. Then, you can continue your trip to visit Tore Fort. The fort was made by Portuguese. Generally, it is easy to find these forts. As you come there, you can see the scenery of beaches that separates Tidore Island and Halmahera Islands.
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