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Where to Stay in Raja Ampat?

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? The island is one of favorite tourist destinations in Papua (Indonesia) for those who love marine adventures. The beauty of marine parks is one of the most complete spots in the world. The enchantment of Raja Ampat seems not enough to be enjoyed for two days. Commonly, foreign tourists stay for many days to explore more islands. Unfortunately, to reach Raja Ampat needs around 2 hours from Usaha Mina Sorong Port by speedboat. Here are some resorts you can choose when you visit Raja Ampat.
·        Waiwo Dive Resort
Waiwo Dive Resort lies at the capital of Raja Ampat, Waigeo Island. The concept of resort is ‘closer to nature’ and it has 12 cottages with ethnic nuance. Each cottage consists of 2 – 3 beds and a bathroom. The wall and the floor are made from wood to create peaceful and tranquility moment. The problem is that the cottages are not equipped by AC. It is one of goal of the owner because the concept of Waiwo is from jungle get down to the ocean. Waiwo Dive Resort combines beach atmosphere with harmony of jungle. You will see the cottage built under the tree but close to the coastline.
If you stay overnight there, you will be spoiled by voice of birds, insects and wave of water. Apart from that, the resort has restaurant and bar but it is separated from cottage. To stay in Waiwo Dive Resort, there is difference rate between local and foreign tourists. For foreign tourists, they have to pay US$55, besides local tourists, they have to pay US$45 per person per night. For children, they have to pay half. The rate including milk and snacks three times. Besides cottages, Waiwo Dive Resort provides you snorkeling and diving facilities, plus feeding fishes in the Waiwo Pier. There are two package of diving and the rate is around US$45 – US$55 per diving with guide and equipment.  If you like to snorkel, you only need to pay US$5 per snorkeling.

·        Raja Ampat Dive Lodge (RADL)
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge or RADL lies at Mansuar Island. It is well-known lodge in Raja Ampat because it provides you the nuance of Balinese ethnic in the middle of tropical forest and white sand of beach in Raja Ampat. To enter RADL, you will have to cross small port that connects wooden bridge toward the lodges. From the port, you can enjoy the scenery of island which is covered by green tropical forest combines with clear water. Along the path from port to RADL, you will be spoiled by underwater life. Colorful reefs and fishes can be seen from the surface. 
The guests in the lodge are dominated by American. It has 27 rooms, including 20 bungalows and 7 standard rooms. For bungalow, the rate is divided into three types, i.e. single US$165 per night, double US$230 per night, and triple US$315 per night. For standard rooms, you will have to pay US$190 per night with double beds. For single bed, you will have to pay US$125 per night. Children from 9 – 12 years will get 40% free, 5 – 9 years will get 50% free, and free charge for baby. Each room in Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is completed by AC or fan, queen bed or twin bed, mosquito net, bathroom, hot water, hair drier, and bathroom’s equipment.
Just like other hotels, each room in RADL is also equipped by closet and storage box to keep your stuffs. The other peculiar facility in this lodge is that each room is separated by trail so that it will avoid you from sand. However, if you don’t want to stay overnight, you still can taste delicious dishes in RADL. There are two packages of dishes, i.e. lunch package which is charged US$15 and dinner package which is charged US$20. Most of dishes in this lodge are seafood, such as lobster, shrimp, and fish.
When you stay overnight here, you also can get diving and snorkeling facilities. There are many snorkeling and diving spots around RADL. For snorkeling, you have to pay US$0 per day, besides for diving, you have to pay US$35 per day without dive computer. If you want it, you have to pay US$15 extra.  

·        Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant
Acrophora Cottage and Restaurant lies at Waigeo Island and it was built by local government. This cottage consists of many bungalows with nuance of local ethnic. The rate to stay here is variety from US$50 – US$62 per night. Each bungalow is divided into 4 rooms, i.e. two bedrooms, living room and bathroom. Each bedroom is completed by two beds and AC. The living room is consists of two chairs, water dispenser, mini bar, closet, and a television. Beside the bathroom is equipped by bathroom equipment without hot water. 

·        Homestay in the Villages
Besides hotels and cottages, some tourists love to stay in the home stay. Actually, there are many villages in Raja Ampat that provides you home stay, i.e. Arborek Village and Sawinggrai Village. Home stay in Sawinggrai Village is built near port’s village above the sea and it is supported by wooden foundation. There are two home stay and consists of some rooms, i.e. living room and bedroom.
Tourists who want to stay in Sawinggrai Village have to pay US$55 per night. This is including meal three times, bonus of recreation such as feeding fishes, snorkeling and watching traditional dancing. And when you decide to stay in Arborek Village, you will have to pay US$36 per person per night, including snorkeling, meal and exploring the village.
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