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Kadidiri Island, an Exotic Island with Incredible Diving Spots in Central Sulawesi

Kadidiri Island is an island around Togean National Park. The beach offers you white sand, clear water and marine biota. Both local and international tourists love to spend their vacation by exploring the island while doing water activities. For foreign tourists, the name of Kadidiri Island is well-known for diving. There are many diving spots that become favorite spot for amateur and professional divers. 

Kadidiri itself is not only about diving area but as you come to the island, you can see the richness of coral reefs that are still protected and virgin. Besides that, the local residents are so friendly to visitors. Thus, you can interact with them. The beauty of Kadidiri Island is also amazing. At the coastline, you can relax while drinking young coconut. It is so refreshing and relaxing.
Strolling along the beach while listening to the wave and breeze can make your mind and body fresh again. As you explore the island deeper, you will find dense forest which is rich of flora and fauna. If you love adventuring, you may not miss this one. When the high season, you will find tourists from around the world come here and doing many activities.

Administratively, Kadidiri Island lies at Tojo Una-Una Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It can be reached about six hours by driving from Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi. From Ampana (the capital of Tojo Una-Una Regency), you can continue your trip to Wakai by a ship for about five hours. Then, from Wakai to Kadidiri Island will take around five km or 30 minutes by speedboat.
If you start your journey from Manado, Kadidiri Island can be reached by a plane which is available twice a week to Luwuk. After that, you can take a bus to Ampana for about eight hours. From Ampana, you can take a speedboat to Kadidiri Island for about 30 minutes. 
The second route is you can fly from Manado to Gorontalo. Then, you can take a ferry for about 13 – 15 hours to Wakai which is available once a week. From Gorontalo, you can drive a car to Marisa for about three hours. Then, you can take a rental boat to Wakai for about 5 – 7 hours.
Differently, if you start your journey from Makassar in South Sulawesi. The trip to Ampana City can be reached for about 14 hours by bus through Rantepao, Tana Toraja. From Ampana, you can arrive at Kadidiri Island for about 30 minutes by a speedboat.
To explore the island, you are suggested to rent a speedboat by paying IDR300,000 to  IDR500,000 or US$30 – US$50. The price depends to the type of speedboat and the route of your trip. Usually, the speedboat is provided from Bunta in Central Sulawesi and Marisa from North Sulawesi.

Kadidiri Island has complete facilities. There are many guest houses, motels, and cottages. Black Marine is a cottage for middle class. You have to pay IDR200,000 or US$20 per night, including meal, three times a day, both seafood or fish. Kadidiri Paradisi is a cottage for luxurious class. The cottage has a deck and the visitors able to enjoy the scenery around the island. All of the cottages provide you snorkeling and diving equipment.

When you come to Kadidiri Island, you can do many water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, swimming or even scuba diving. However, if you want to stroll around the island, you can rent a speedboat to take you to many diving spots. The cost to rent a speedboat is around IDR300,000 or US$30. As you do water activities, you can enjoy the panorama of marine life. The fish and coral reefs will accompany you as you diving and snorkeling.
If you want to close to the nature, you can trek to explore the forest. You will not feel bore because you can enjoy the variety of flora and fauna. Just look up to the tree and you will see many exotic birds. Make sure you bring you camera to record the beauty of tropical forest in Kadidiri Island.
The perfect time to visit Kadidiri Island is April to November. Thus, don’t forget to reserve where you will stay if you want to spend your vacation here.

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Miossu Island, an Exotic Inhabited Island in West Papua

Miossu Island is one of the three outer islands in West Papua. The islands are adjacent to islands of Fani and Budd in the north, Waigeo Island in the west, Manokwari Regency in the east and Sausapor Distrct in the south. It is inhabited island, making it so peaceful and quiet. There are only few visitors, and therefore it is the right place to relieve your stress. 

The atmosphere of the island is suitable for you who want to find peace. The island also offers beautiful panorama to visitors. It’s not only the nature that makes the island attractive but also its incredible ecosystem. The sea around the island has crystal clear of water and perfect waves. It’s calm and blows a gentle breeze of wind.

          Administratively, Miossu Island is situated in Sausapor Distrct, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua Province. Tambrauw is a new regency resulted from the expansion of Sorong Regency. To reach the island, you must be in Sorong first. From Sorong, you can continue your journey by boat. The route of the boat passes through Werur, i.e. Sorong-Sausapor-Werur-Wor-Saubeba-Wau-Waiben-Enbuan-Saokorem-Manokwari. Hence, you can get off the boat when it is in Werur. You need to pay for Rp50,000 (US$5.00) for one trip.
The people of the Werur live a traditional way of life in harmony. The traditional culture of the island is obviously seen, especially their respect to elders. Hence, when you arrive at this village, you must first greet and respect the one considered the head of the local custome. While, Miossu is a quite remote islands. It takes about an hour to reach the island from Werur. You can go to the island by traditional boat called kole-kole. 

Miossu Island is inhabited island, allowing you to do various things. You can explore the island to learn about the flora and the fauna. You will find many trees, such as palm, banana, mango and many more. You can pick up the fruits from the trees if you find any. You can also find many animals such as star-fruit turtle, green turtle, hawk, black hawk and many more. 
Apart from exploring the island, you can go the beach. In the beach, you can do water activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling. To dive and snorkel, you surely have to bring your own equipment. The underwater life of this island is so exotic that you can see various species of fish swimming around you. Also, colorful reefs grow well. It is magnificent scenery. 

          Since Miossu Island is inhabited, you will not find any lodges or hotels. You better visit the island early in the morning and then go back to Werur. You can spend the night in Werur. You can stay in home stays provided by local people. The people of Werur are so friendly, and they will give their best service to guests spending the night in their village. The rate for the home stay is not expensive either, and it is negotiable.
          Miossu Island is one of the most exotic islands in West Papua. It is better for you not to miss the island when you have a trip in West Papua. The island will give you the most challenging adventure.

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Jomblang Cave, the Most Challenging Cave to Explore in Yogyakarta

Jomblang Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the cave complex of Gunung Kidul. There are hundreds of caves in Gunung Kidul, and they are all beautiful. However, Jomblang is among the caves that have been developed into challenging natural tourism. Jomblang has its own natural characteristics, and it is unique. It is a vertical, and dense ancient forests grow around the cave.
Because of its uniqueness, Jombang was included in Amazing Race America Program in 2011. The program was an exploration of caves in the range of caves along the karst hills in the southern coastal stretching from Gombang, Central Java to Sewu Mountain, Pacitan, East Java. The cave was forms from a geological process when all vegetation along with the land vanished into the earth’s bowel thousands years ago.

Jomblang Cave is situated in Jetis Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency of Yogyakarta Special Province. It lies about 50 km from the downtown of Yogyakarta, and about 10 km from Wonosari, the capital town of Gunungkidul Regency. To reach the cave, you can join the trip arranged by a travel agent in Yogyakarta. However, you can go by public transportation as well.
You can go from Giwangan bus station towards Wonosari bus station. Then, you can continue the journey by local minibus towards Semanu District. From Semanu, you can get off Jetis Village, and go by ojek (motorcycle taxi). It takes about 2 to 3 hours driving from Yogyakarta, and the total cost is less than Rp50, 000 (US$5.00). You can also rent a car from Yogyakarta, it will take faster time to reach the cave.  

          You can do a challenging activity by exploring Jomblang Cave. Although the activity may be exhausting, it is fun and exciting. The important is that you bring adequate equipment and prepare the exploration carefully. You should bring a headlamp or torch, socks, gloves, sport shoes, bath equipment, first aid and camera.
The exploration to the bottom of the cave is so exciting as you can see the most beautiful nature. It takes bravery to explore all of the caves. You must be careful when exploring the cave. The cave itself has 50 m side and vertical sides ranging from 60 to 80 meters. The sunlight is abundant entering into the cave, making some trees grow well inside the cave. You can see underground shrubs and forest in the cave.  

          You can set a tent around the cave when you decide to spend the night at Jomblang Cave. However, setting a tent requires careful planning. You must bring adequate equipment as spending the night at the cave will be quite dangerous. The safer is that you stay in the local people’s house, like at the head of Jetis Village. However, spending the night at a tent will leave you an unforgettable memory. 
          Jomblang Cave has its own beauty and uniqueness. It is worth visiting as you can earn many things from the cave. Spend your holiday by exploring the cave.   This will be a fun and challenging activity for you.

Ngliyep Beach, Visiting One of Sacred Beach in East Java

Ngliyep Beach is also known as Donomulyo Beach. The beach has an amazing panorama with combination of steep cliffs and protected forest around. The most activities you can do when you visit Ngliyep are sun-bathe, playing sand, strolling, and waiting the sunset. You will enjoy your time as you come to the beach because the beach is well-maintained. Besides that, you can visit a small island near the beach which is named as Gunung Kombang. 

Although Ngliyep Beach has a charming scenery, but only few visitors come here. If you love to surf, the beach is suitable for you because you will see strong waves. That is why Ngliyep becomes an alternative tourist destination in Malang City. The myth of ‘Nyai Roro Kidul’ or the Queen of South Beach in Java adds the atmosphere of the beach become full of mystery.
You are suggested to ride personal vehicles, either motorcycle or a car because there is no public transportation here. But, the road is smooth and you will enjoy your journey along the street.

Ngliyep Beach is located at Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, or around 62 km south of Malang. The position lies at the edge of Hindia Ocean. This condition makes the beach has beautiful landscape and amazing panorama. To enter the beach, you will be charged around IDR5,000 or US$.5 per person. The stretches of wide field with full of big tree will welcome you as you come to the area of the beach. 

Ngliyep Beach has complete facilities. There, you can find parking area, cottages, mosque, toilet, bungalows, lodges, camping area, souvenir shops, and food stalls. To stay at the lodges, you need to pay around IDR75,000 or US$7.5 per night. The total area of the beach is 10 hectares and you can do many things as you come to Ngliyep Beach.

Ngliyep Beach offers you many water activities. You can swim here with your friends. Because the waves are powerful, you are not allowed to swim too far from the coastline. If you want to surf, you also can do that here. The waves are good to guide you to stand on the board.
If you come on Maulud 14th (Javanese calendar), you will see Labuhan Ceremony that is organized by resident from Kedungsalam Village. Labuhan itself is kind of offering ceremony and the residents will release it to the ocean. The ceremony becomes the symbol of thankfulness and praying to ask prosperity to God. The ceremony will be completed by the head of goat or cow. This is believed as offering to The South Queen of Beach.
The guards will bring all of the various offering with traditional instruments. They wear traditional clothes and doing parade to Gunung Kombang for about 300 meters through the bridge that connects the area of offering from the rest house of Ngliyep.
The panorama around the beach is so amazing. If you come to Ngliyep Beach with your kids, you can play at the playground near the beach. Besides that, you also can see a post to view all of the area of the beach. Hunting the sunset becomes the most favorite activity here. You will see combination of beautiful colors in the sky. Thus, visiting Ngliyep Beach when you visit Malang City in East Java is worth.

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