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Balekambang Beach, Visiting the Beach with a Sacred Temple in East Java

Balekambang Beach is just like Tanah Lot in Bali. It has similar scenery because the beach has a temple on the rock. Because it has a beautiful panorama, the beach becomes the main attraction in Malang City. In this place, you will see three big stones at the beach. The local resident names them as Ismoyo Island, Wisanggeni Island and Anoman Island.

Ismoyo Island becomes the most popular islands around Balekambang Beach because in the island you can find luxurious temple just like Tanah Lot in Bali. The incredible temple is named as Luhur Amertha Jati Temple. Besides that, there is a bridge to connect the island from the coastline. Thus, the visitor doesn’t need to through the waves of water.
Balekambang Beach has big waves. It is not surprising because it lies at the south of Java Island. The good thing is that the visitors can surf here. Even, if you want to enjoy the natural beauty, you can sit and see blue water and fine sand.

Balekambang Beach lies at the south of Malang City. Precisely, it located at Bantur Sub-district, or about 65 km from Malang which is can be reached by driving for about 2.5 hours. You can visit the beach by passing Gondanglegi Sub-district to Srigonco Village. Besides that, you can through Kepanjen Sub-district to Pagak Sub-district and then turn left to Bantur Sub-district. The access to the beach is not adequate. Thus, you have to be careful as you driving your motorcycle or car.
Along the street, you can enjoy natural beauty, such mountains, forests, hills, and paddy fields. To enter the beach, you have to pay IDR15,000 or US$1.5 per person.

The facilities at Balekambang Beach are quite adequate because you can find swimming pool, restaurant, camping area, mosque, gazebo, parking area, information spot, and souvenir shops.

Balekambang Beach has two km coastline and it consists of light brown and white sand. Just like other beaches in the south of Java Island, the beach has strong current water and big waves. The beach becomes more crowded at the holiday season, week-end, and at the ceremony for Hindu religion. It is because they can use the temple for worship.
If you want to enjoy the beauty of temple, you can go to Ismoyo Island which is about 100 meters from the coastline. If you come on Suro Month (Javanese month), you may witness one of special ceremony for Hindu people, i.e. Jalanidha Puja and Surohan ceremonies. But, for woman who gets the period, they are not allowed to enter temple’s area because the temple is considered as sacred temple for Hindu. Local residents believe if they broke the rule, they will be obsessed by the spirit or temple’s keeper.
As you come in Balekambang Beach, you will surprise because the beach doesn’t have reefs. Thus, the waves will directly run to the coastline. If you want to relax your mind, you can stroll along the beach to Kondang Merak Beach. The location is quite close with calm condition. That is why visitors who come to Balekambang Beach will not miss it. If you want to catch the sunrise, Balekambang Beach is also the perfect place.

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