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Indrayanti Beach, the One of the Most Virgin Beaches in Yogyakarta

Indrayanti Beach is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta. Just like any other beaches in Yogyakarta, the beach has beautiful panorama. The white sand and the amazing surrounding nature make the beach one of the worth visiting beaches. When you visit this beach, you can enjoy this beautiful panorama by sitting in the edge of the beach. There are many gazebos along the beach to rest and relax. When you have tired of walking in this beach, you can take a rest in the gazebo. The cool sea wind and the calm atmosphere will refresh your mind. You will not want to leave the beach once you have arrived and enjoyed the beauty.
Indrayanti Beach is situated in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Precisely, it lies in the eastern part of Sundak Beach. The beach is actually a new beach. This is because the beach was found in recent years. That is why, the beach is not as popular as other beaches in Yogyakarta such as Parang Tritis or Depok. However, the beauty of the beach is comparable to those beaches.
You can see beautiful cliffs and rocks surround the beach. They add the beauty of the beach. Especially the crystal clear of the blue sea water and the perfect waves allow visitors to enjoy the most incredible view. The beach is not too large, and there are only few visitors in this beach. This makes the beach so peaceful, and it is not crowded. 

          Indrayanti Beach is like a virgin beach with its amazing panorama. Because of its beautiful panorama, many visitors use the beach as a spot for their pre-wedding photography. Every corner of the beach offers beauty to visitors, making it a perfect place for pre-wedding photography.
Although the weather is quite hot at noon, the photography session will be fun and exciting as you can feel the calm and peaceful atmosphere during the photography session. In addition, you can do fishing in this beach. There are some perfect spots around the beach that are suitable for fishing. You can also do water activities, like swimming or jet-ski. Jet-ski is one of the most challenging activities in this beach.      

          Government has managed and developed Indrayanti Beach properly. You can find complete facilities in this beach. You can also find many restaurants with its delicious menu. If you decide to spend the night in the beach, you can stay in hotels and lodges around the beach. The rate for hotels and lodges are varied, depending on the facilities.
The rate ranges from Rp80,000 to Rp650,000 (US$8.00 to US$65.00). The hotels and lodges are built near the beach. Therefore, you can listen to the calming sound of the waves and feel the breeze. This is so relaxing and soothing.
          Visiting Yogyakarta means you can enjoy many beautiful places such as historical places like Keraton Yogyakarta and natural places like all beaches in Yogyakarta. Indrayanti Beach has potential to be developed further. Developing as many facilities as possible will attract more visitors to come.

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