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Jomblang Cave, the Most Challenging Cave to Explore in Yogyakarta

Jomblang Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the cave complex of Gunung Kidul. There are hundreds of caves in Gunung Kidul, and they are all beautiful. However, Jomblang is among the caves that have been developed into challenging natural tourism. Jomblang has its own natural characteristics, and it is unique. It is a vertical, and dense ancient forests grow around the cave.
Because of its uniqueness, Jombang was included in Amazing Race America Program in 2011. The program was an exploration of caves in the range of caves along the karst hills in the southern coastal stretching from Gombang, Central Java to Sewu Mountain, Pacitan, East Java. The cave was forms from a geological process when all vegetation along with the land vanished into the earth’s bowel thousands years ago.

Jomblang Cave is situated in Jetis Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency of Yogyakarta Special Province. It lies about 50 km from the downtown of Yogyakarta, and about 10 km from Wonosari, the capital town of Gunungkidul Regency. To reach the cave, you can join the trip arranged by a travel agent in Yogyakarta. However, you can go by public transportation as well.
You can go from Giwangan bus station towards Wonosari bus station. Then, you can continue the journey by local minibus towards Semanu District. From Semanu, you can get off Jetis Village, and go by ojek (motorcycle taxi). It takes about 2 to 3 hours driving from Yogyakarta, and the total cost is less than Rp50, 000 (US$5.00). You can also rent a car from Yogyakarta, it will take faster time to reach the cave.  

          You can do a challenging activity by exploring Jomblang Cave. Although the activity may be exhausting, it is fun and exciting. The important is that you bring adequate equipment and prepare the exploration carefully. You should bring a headlamp or torch, socks, gloves, sport shoes, bath equipment, first aid and camera.
The exploration to the bottom of the cave is so exciting as you can see the most beautiful nature. It takes bravery to explore all of the caves. You must be careful when exploring the cave. The cave itself has 50 m side and vertical sides ranging from 60 to 80 meters. The sunlight is abundant entering into the cave, making some trees grow well inside the cave. You can see underground shrubs and forest in the cave.  

          You can set a tent around the cave when you decide to spend the night at Jomblang Cave. However, setting a tent requires careful planning. You must bring adequate equipment as spending the night at the cave will be quite dangerous. The safer is that you stay in the local people’s house, like at the head of Jetis Village. However, spending the night at a tent will leave you an unforgettable memory. 
          Jomblang Cave has its own beauty and uniqueness. It is worth visiting as you can earn many things from the cave. Spend your holiday by exploring the cave.   This will be a fun and challenging activity for you.
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