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Kadidiri Island, an Exotic Island with Incredible Diving Spots in Central Sulawesi

Kadidiri Island is an island around Togean National Park. The beach offers you white sand, clear water and marine biota. Both local and international tourists love to spend their vacation by exploring the island while doing water activities. For foreign tourists, the name of Kadidiri Island is well-known for diving. There are many diving spots that become favorite spot for amateur and professional divers. 

Kadidiri itself is not only about diving area but as you come to the island, you can see the richness of coral reefs that are still protected and virgin. Besides that, the local residents are so friendly to visitors. Thus, you can interact with them. The beauty of Kadidiri Island is also amazing. At the coastline, you can relax while drinking young coconut. It is so refreshing and relaxing.
Strolling along the beach while listening to the wave and breeze can make your mind and body fresh again. As you explore the island deeper, you will find dense forest which is rich of flora and fauna. If you love adventuring, you may not miss this one. When the high season, you will find tourists from around the world come here and doing many activities.

Administratively, Kadidiri Island lies at Tojo Una-Una Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It can be reached about six hours by driving from Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi. From Ampana (the capital of Tojo Una-Una Regency), you can continue your trip to Wakai by a ship for about five hours. Then, from Wakai to Kadidiri Island will take around five km or 30 minutes by speedboat.
If you start your journey from Manado, Kadidiri Island can be reached by a plane which is available twice a week to Luwuk. After that, you can take a bus to Ampana for about eight hours. From Ampana, you can take a speedboat to Kadidiri Island for about 30 minutes. 
The second route is you can fly from Manado to Gorontalo. Then, you can take a ferry for about 13 – 15 hours to Wakai which is available once a week. From Gorontalo, you can drive a car to Marisa for about three hours. Then, you can take a rental boat to Wakai for about 5 – 7 hours.
Differently, if you start your journey from Makassar in South Sulawesi. The trip to Ampana City can be reached for about 14 hours by bus through Rantepao, Tana Toraja. From Ampana, you can arrive at Kadidiri Island for about 30 minutes by a speedboat.
To explore the island, you are suggested to rent a speedboat by paying IDR300,000 to  IDR500,000 or US$30 – US$50. The price depends to the type of speedboat and the route of your trip. Usually, the speedboat is provided from Bunta in Central Sulawesi and Marisa from North Sulawesi.

Kadidiri Island has complete facilities. There are many guest houses, motels, and cottages. Black Marine is a cottage for middle class. You have to pay IDR200,000 or US$20 per night, including meal, three times a day, both seafood or fish. Kadidiri Paradisi is a cottage for luxurious class. The cottage has a deck and the visitors able to enjoy the scenery around the island. All of the cottages provide you snorkeling and diving equipment.

When you come to Kadidiri Island, you can do many water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, swimming or even scuba diving. However, if you want to stroll around the island, you can rent a speedboat to take you to many diving spots. The cost to rent a speedboat is around IDR300,000 or US$30. As you do water activities, you can enjoy the panorama of marine life. The fish and coral reefs will accompany you as you diving and snorkeling.
If you want to close to the nature, you can trek to explore the forest. You will not feel bore because you can enjoy the variety of flora and fauna. Just look up to the tree and you will see many exotic birds. Make sure you bring you camera to record the beauty of tropical forest in Kadidiri Island.
The perfect time to visit Kadidiri Island is April to November. Thus, don’t forget to reserve where you will stay if you want to spend your vacation here.

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