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Karamajat Island, A Beautiful Unspoiled Island in Mentawai

Karamajat Island is one of unspoiled islands in Mentawai. The island is like a virgin island, and therefore it needs to be developed further. The geographical condition and the nature are still fresh and pure. There are only a few people living in and visiting the island. However, since a new surf camp, i.e. Karamajat Surf Camp, was recently built, the number of tourists visiting the island is getting increasing. The island attracts many visitors to try the surfing spots available in this island. The island is indeed has potential to be developed as a tourist destination, especially marine tourism. The government needs to pay more attention for the development of infrastructure in this beautiful island.      
Karamajat Island is situated in Katurei Village, Mentawai Archipelago, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Precisely, it lies one degree below the Equator. The position allows the island to be influenced by easterly trade winds which usually occur in Indonesia. The island has an incredible sea panorama. The tides and the waves support the island to be the best surfing spots.
Most tourists coming to the island aim to surf. The surfing spots in this island are worth exploring. The waves are various, i.e. 4 bobs, bankvaults, beng-beng, E-bay, bungerworld, iceland, kandui, hideaways, karangbat left, telescopes, nipussi, siberut, playgrounds, rifles, nyang-nyang and many more. The various waves will make surfing activity be more exciting and fun.  

          As previously mentioned, the waves in Karamajat Island are perfect for surfing activities. The waves reach the height of 2-4 meters. The waves are also the best long rolling ones making it perfect for either amateur and professional surfers. Surfing in Karamajat is comparable to other places in Indonesia. Especially, the surfing activity is supported by complete facilities.
The facilities are provided by Karamajat Surf Camp.  The camp helps surfers do their activities. The camp provides rest area for the surfers who have just finished doing their activity. The surfers will really be helped with the surfing camp. Although the camp can only cater for maximum 8 surfers, the chance for the camp to grow in a bigger scale is large.

          Visitors can choose to stay either in a floating home-stay or Karamajat Surf Camp. The floating home-stay is quite comfortable to rest after surfing all day long. While, Karamajat Surf Camp provides complete accommodations for surfers. The camp is made of fine finished local hardwoods with traditional design. The traditional design allows the surfers to blend with nature.
Thus, staying in the camp will feel relaxing and comforting. However, for you who want to stay in a more luxurious place, you can select Kandui Resort. The resort is suitable for surfers who want to sleep in a much more comfortable place. However, no matter which accommodation you select, it won’t matter. The important is that you will have the most amazing experience by surfing in the surfing spots of Karamajat Island.
          Karamajat Island provides the best surfing spots for surfers. Supported by Karamajat Surf Camp, surfing activity has become the most popular activity when visiting the island.
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