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Labuan Sait Beach, the Best Tourist Objects for Travelers in Bali

Labuan Sait Beach is a magnificent beach in Bali. The comfort, beauty and safety of the beach make the beach suitable for you to spend your holiday. The beach is also peace and quiet. The atmosphere surely will be loved by many tourists who come to the beach. The beach is surrounded by cliffs creating a lovely panorama. The white sand of the beach adds the beauty to the entire view. There are also many beautiful corals and rocks in the beach. This is suitable for you to take photos for remembrances.  

          Labuan Sait Beach is situated in Pecatu Village. The village lies in the north of Uluwatu Temple. The distance toward the beach from Denpasar is about 34 km. It is quite far from the capital city of Bali. Although it is very far, you will not regret when you decide to visit the beach. It has an incredible panorama that you may have never found in other beaches. The access to the beach is quite difficult.

You have to descent the cliff surrounding the beach. Also, you have to pass through a cave to reach the beach. However, once you have managed to come closer to the beach, you will see an outstanding panorama. The sea water and the surrounding panorama are incredible. The atmosphere is also far from crowd and noise. This is the best place to relax and refresh your mind. 

          The white and clear sand of the beach make it perfect for you to sunbathe here. Watching and enjoying the sea water are also exciting activities. In addition, you can just walk around the beach and feel the breeze. This will also help you refresh your mind. The beach is also perfect for water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving and surfing.
Moreover, there are many local fishermen here providing rental boats for visitors. The fishermen can take visitors who want to enjoy the sea water and its surrounding natural beauty. You can rent the boats and enjoy going around the sea with your family or friends. Take photos when you are on the boats. This will be a fun activity for you and your family.

          Most visitors usually stay in a hotel near Uluwatu. Luckily, there are many choices of hotels and resorts to spend the night. Depending on your budget, you can select the hotel you prefer. For a cheap rate, select Mamo Hotel Uluwatu for only about Rp440,000 ($45.00) per night. For mid-ramge hotel, select Surga Bali for Rp1,020,000 ($106.00) per night. For a luxurious one, select Villa Pratirana for Rp4,060,000 ($478.00) per night. Many hotels and resorts near Uluwatu are surely beneficial for you. You have more option where you have to stay when visiting the beach.  
          All beaches in Bali offer the most beautiful scenery to all visitors. When a visitor decides to stay at one hotel, he or she can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach at night. Labuan Sait Beach is worth visiting.

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