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Labuhan Amuk Bay with Its Incredible Underwater Tour in Bali

Labuhan Amuk Bay has become a favorite place, not only for the local people but also for many tourists around the world. This is because the beach has an incredible panoramic beauty. The beach has white grey sand with fine texture. The sea water is so calm that everyone can enjoy the breeze in the afternoon. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset at dusk. Children of local people usually play football in the beach in the evening. The beach has also become some kind of unifying place of the people. When the children are playing football, they always look happy. While teenagers and adults are spend their time enjoying the beauty atmosphere and the calm sea water.

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          Labuhan Amuk Bay is situated in Banjar labuhan, Antiga Village, Karangasem District. The beach stretches around six km across, while the boundaries are Padang Bay Village to the South and Candidasa Village to the North. It takes about half an hour driving from Denpasar. The access to the beach is easy. You can pass through Ida Bagus Mantra Bypass toward Gianyar and Klungkung.
From this point, you will then pass Lawah Cave and Kusamba. The beach is about six km from this place. This beach is flanked by two beaches, i.e. Padang Bay and Ulakan Beach. It is quite densely populated, with 757 people per km2. However, with the rapid growth of development, the beach along with the people living surrounding has become wealthier. 

          The most popular activity in the beach is diving. The beach is well-known for the beauty of the underwater environment. Coral reefs and various fish live under the water creating a magnificent view. Hence, the developer of the beach has tried their best to provide various facilities for visitors. One of the facilities that are so popular is an underwater tour by Odyssey Submarine.
The tour takes about 45 minutes with various packages, such as Rp650,000 ($68.00) per person. Apart from diving and under water tour, visitors can also enjoy banana boat or doughnut boat. Children usually love these water activities as they can go around the beach by boats.

          The most popular accommodation in the beach is Villa Asada. The villa is very luxurious and it is a suitable for most visitors to stay. It has a panoramic view facing the coastlines in Bali. It is situated in Manggis, next to Candidasa. The villa has complete facilities, such as comfortable bedrooms and a private swimming pool.
The rate for the villa ranges, starting from Rp6,120,000 ($645). With complete facilities, such rate is surely appropriate. What makes the villa look more interesting is it lies near the mystical landmark of Bali, i.e. Mount Agung. You can imagine how beautiful scenery you might see once you have decided to stay in the villa.
          When the holiday season is about to come, and you have planned to have a trip in Bali, don’t forget to include the beach into your travel plan. Labuhan Amuk Bay will be the best tourist object you have ever seen.
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