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Lake Kelimutu, A Wonderful Mystical Lake in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Lake Kelimutu lies in Mount Kelimutu. It has three different colors, and they all have different names. When you visit the lake, you will find mystical belief binds local people who live around the lake. They believe that three lakes are the resting place of their ancestors’ spirit. It is said that the color of the lake changes depending on the mood of the spirit. If this is true, then the spirits of the ancestors are actually constantly restless.
The names of the three lakes are Tiwu Ata Mbupu (The Lake of Old People), which lies at the western part of the mountain with blue color; Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (The Lake of Young Men and Maidens) with green color; and Tiwu Ata Polo (The Enchanted Lake) with red blood color. The two latter mentioned share the same crater wall. The three lakes create the most fantastic view of the landscape.
          Lake Kelimutu is located right on the peak of Mount Kelimutu. While, Kelimutu Mount is situated in Flores Island. The nearest city to the mount is about 60 km away. Such distance surely makes the mount along with the lakes look remote. However, when you are about to visit the lake, you don’t need to worry. Visitors usually start their journey from a small farming village, Moni Village. The village has become some kind of base camp for those who want to have a trip to the lake.
This is the best place to start trekking to explore Mount Kelimutu and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the different color lakes. It takes hard work to reach the mountain. You have to travel from Maumere (62 km) or Ende (51 km) to Moni for about an hour. There are daily public transportations serving visitors. However, you will have to travel longer with the public transportation. You will need about 4 hours to reach Moni. 

          The activities you can do in Lake Kelimutu include village trip, trekking and exploration. There are many things you can explore in the lake and the mountain. You can learn the geological condition around the lake and find out how the lakes were formed. Trekking will give you challenging experience as the track around the beach is quite difficult, steep and slippery. You need a guide to lead you the way to the lake and the mountain. You can take pictures of you and your friends once you got there. The lake and the mountain will be amazing background.  

          If you start your journey from Moni, you can spend the night in this village. You can find various budget rates to mid-range cottages or hotels in this village. However, if you start your journey from Detusoko Village – another base camp towards the lake – you can spend the night on the lodge provided for guests, i.e. Wisma Santu Fransiskus. The lodge provides complete facilities for visitors, and you will feel convenient staying in this lodge.
          Visiting Lake Kelimutu will give you unforgettable experience as the lake is so amazing that it will always be kept in your mind.       
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