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Lihukan Island, the Island with Amazing Diving Spots in South Sulawesi

Lihukan Island is one of popular tourist destination in South Sulawesi. The existence of white sand and marine life is so amazing. If you love to dive, the island becomes the perfect choice to visit because the beach becomes a paradise for divers. You can explore underwater life with colorful fish and coral reef. Snorkeling and diving become more fun because the clear water will give you clear vision.

The uniqueness of Lihukan Island is come from Sikas Naga or Nikas Dragon. It is kind of a rare plant in the world. Besides that, if you want to know how to create a ship of pinisi, you can find the workers at the east of Bira. They make the ship by instinct because the experience they have come from generation to generation.

Lihukan Island lies at Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. You have to through Tanjung Bira before you visit the island. From Makassar City, the island can be reached for about 3 – 4 hours by driving. Then, you can rent a boat from Tanjung Bira to Lihukan by paying IDR300,000 or US$30 in Kapongkolang Street which is take around 45 minutes.

Commonly, the tourist who visits Lihukan Island doesn’t stay in the island because there are only few guest houses. Most of them will stay in the Tanjung Bira and spend their time in Lihukan although only a day. Besides that, the facilities in the island are not adequate. Thus, you need to bring snacks and drinking from outside. 

Lihukan Island is one of favorite tourist destination in South Sulawesi. Thus, don’t be surprise when you find local and international tourist there. Besides that, there are many travel agents that offer a tour in the island. The clear water and white sand are the main attraction. You can play sand, sun-bathe, or just sit under the tree.
Not only these activities, you may want to see beautiful coral reef and fish. You can snorkel and dive. It can be unforgettable experience as you visit Lihukan Island. To get easy accommodations, you can take travel agent with complete snorkeling and diving equipment. If you unwilling to do these activities, you can swim around the island to feel the fresh and clear water.
Everyone who visits the island wants to relax and refresh their mind. Most of them love to do water activities. But, because the current of underwater a bit strong, you may not swim too far from the coastline. You also must be careful because there are sea snakes. Thus, you have to obey the rule in order to get the safety.
Visiting Lihukan Island in the low season will give you chance to be more comfortable because only few visitors visit the island. You can go there with your friends, family or your spouse. As you arrive there, you will surprise because you will be welcomed by incredible scenery. That is why Lihukan well-known as nirvana for divers from around the world.

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