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Miossu Island, an Exotic Inhabited Island in West Papua

Miossu Island is one of the three outer islands in West Papua. The islands are adjacent to islands of Fani and Budd in the north, Waigeo Island in the west, Manokwari Regency in the east and Sausapor Distrct in the south. It is inhabited island, making it so peaceful and quiet. There are only few visitors, and therefore it is the right place to relieve your stress. 

The atmosphere of the island is suitable for you who want to find peace. The island also offers beautiful panorama to visitors. It’s not only the nature that makes the island attractive but also its incredible ecosystem. The sea around the island has crystal clear of water and perfect waves. It’s calm and blows a gentle breeze of wind.

          Administratively, Miossu Island is situated in Sausapor Distrct, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua Province. Tambrauw is a new regency resulted from the expansion of Sorong Regency. To reach the island, you must be in Sorong first. From Sorong, you can continue your journey by boat. The route of the boat passes through Werur, i.e. Sorong-Sausapor-Werur-Wor-Saubeba-Wau-Waiben-Enbuan-Saokorem-Manokwari. Hence, you can get off the boat when it is in Werur. You need to pay for Rp50,000 (US$5.00) for one trip.
The people of the Werur live a traditional way of life in harmony. The traditional culture of the island is obviously seen, especially their respect to elders. Hence, when you arrive at this village, you must first greet and respect the one considered the head of the local custome. While, Miossu is a quite remote islands. It takes about an hour to reach the island from Werur. You can go to the island by traditional boat called kole-kole. 

Miossu Island is inhabited island, allowing you to do various things. You can explore the island to learn about the flora and the fauna. You will find many trees, such as palm, banana, mango and many more. You can pick up the fruits from the trees if you find any. You can also find many animals such as star-fruit turtle, green turtle, hawk, black hawk and many more. 
Apart from exploring the island, you can go the beach. In the beach, you can do water activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling. To dive and snorkel, you surely have to bring your own equipment. The underwater life of this island is so exotic that you can see various species of fish swimming around you. Also, colorful reefs grow well. It is magnificent scenery. 

          Since Miossu Island is inhabited, you will not find any lodges or hotels. You better visit the island early in the morning and then go back to Werur. You can spend the night in Werur. You can stay in home stays provided by local people. The people of Werur are so friendly, and they will give their best service to guests spending the night in their village. The rate for the home stay is not expensive either, and it is negotiable.
          Miossu Island is one of the most exotic islands in West Papua. It is better for you not to miss the island when you have a trip in West Papua. The island will give you the most challenging adventure.

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