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Ndana Island, One of the Most Exotic Islands in East Nusa Tenggara

Ndana Island is one of the islands in East Nusa Tenggara. The island has exotic panorama. When you look for information about the island, you may hear a strange story. There is some kind of myth about the island telling that women who have period are not allowed to visit the red lake located in the middle of the island. The prohibition has descended from generation to generation. Even today, there are some people who still believe in this myth. They really don’t visit the lake when they have period. It seems that the local people really obey the prohibition.  Regardless the strange story about th island, the island provides many things to offer to visitors. 


          Ndana Island is situated in Rote District, Southwest Kupang. Precisely, the island lies right in the mouth of Boa Beach. You can go by motorboat or speedboat to the island. Along the way, you can see beautiful white sand with powerful waves. This is an incredible view. For those who believe in mystery, the island is surely a perfect place to visit.
Apart from the strange story as previously mentioned, the island has another strange story. In Rote Nda Regency, you can find two stones. The stones are said to have been a man and a woman. Their names are Hun and Suelay Stones. They are said to have been walking on their own before they stay in Rote Ndau.

          When visiting Ndana Island, you will have a long list activity you can do. You can do various things here, including village trip. You can explore the villages around the island. You can learn many things about the villages, including the local people, their way of life, their traditional culture and their typical food and souvenirs. The activity will give you challenging adventure.
In addition, you can visit many beautiful tourist destinations throughout the island. There are beaches you can visit. Visiting the beaches is a must because you can see the spectacular panorama of the beach. You will see beautiful nature around the beach along with crystal clear waters and steep hills surrounding the beach. There are also savannah stretching along the coastline. Walking around the beach will make you relaxed and refresh your mind.

          When you visit Ndana Island, it means you have prepared yourself for challenging adventure. You can have this challenging adventure since you have arrived at this island to your return schedule. You can do various things, but they all surely cannot be done within a day. You may need to spend the night in the island.
There are not many hotels in this island. You can only find small lodges. However, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting this island. Instead, you can challenge yourself to survive in this island. You can decide to stay in one of the local people’s house, otherwise you can set a tent around the island. Find the right place to set a tent, such as around the beach.
          Visiting Ndana Island will be your best moment, especially if you have managed to survive spending the night in this island.

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