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North Pagai Island, A Remote But Amazing Island in Mentawai

North Pagai Island is one of the islands in Mentawai struck by tsunami in 2010. This is one of the islands which was severely damaged by the tsunami. About 12 hamlets in the island are swept by the tsunami. Viewed from above, the area was the most affected area other than South Pagai. Although the tsunami occurred in 2010, the impact of the disaster can still be obviously seen. The island has not really developed. The government has tried their best to rebuild the island.
However, the lack of infrastructure and the funds to build cause the island undeveloped completely. The people and the element of government try to find ways to wake up from destruction of tsunami. Developing tourism sector is among the efforts done by government. The island is one of the islands with incredible tourist attractions.
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          North Pagai Island is situated at the west coast of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Precisely, it lies between Sipora and South Pagai Islands. North Pagai is sometimes also called North Pageh, Pagai Utara or Noord Pagai. The exact coordinate of the island is 2o 42'0" N and 100o 7'1" E. To reach the island, you can fly from Padang. Otherwise, you can go by boat or ferry towards the island.
When you arrive at this island, you’ll see the most beautiful scenery you have never seen before. The island has complete attractions, such as the panoramic view of the beaches and the amazing natural jungle around the island. You’ll have many things to do when visiting the island.  

          The most popular activities you can do in North Pagai Island are marine activities, such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving. Even, North Pagai has been popular as the most interesting surfing spots in Indonesia. Apart from Marine activities, you can also do relaxation, such as have a traditional tissue massages. This activity is suitable to be done after you surf all day long. You can go fishing or do kayaking as well.
Kayaking around the stream of the island will give you an opportunity to see the beauty inside the island. Other than these activities, you can do a thorough tour to the island. The tour will give you the best experience by learning the local people along with their unique culture and traditional way of life.

          The most popular resort you can stay when you are in North Pagai Island is Macaronis Resort. The resort is situated 5 km from Silabu Village. It is about 3km inland, on the edge of its river system. If you are in Sikakap, you can reach the resort by motor bike. It takes about an hour for 20 km distance. The island is a remote island, hence staying in this resort is the best option for you. However, if you don’t have enough budget, you can choose to stay in home-stay provided by the local people of the island.
          When you visit Mentawai, include this amazing North Pagai Island in your travel plan, other than the South Pagai Island. You’ll have an amazing experience travelling to this island.

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