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Pantar Marine Park with Its Amazing Underwater Life

Pantar Marine Park offers amazing underwater life to visitors. The underwater life of this marine park is comparable to the most popular marine park in the world, such as those in Carribean Islands or local marine parks such as Bunaken in Sulawesi or Raja Ampat in Papua. The marine park has numerous species of fish and other sea creatures. You can enjoy the beautiful sea creatures when you dive or snorkel in the underwater of the sea. You will see an amazing panorama that you may have never seen before. The beauty of this marine park offers you challenging adventure as well as amazing experience.   
          Pantar Marine Park is situated in Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The beauty of this marine park has attracted many visitors to visit it. Hence, flight toward Kupang and Alor is available every day. You can go by airplane from Kupang to Alor. The flight is available every day. The flight is served by Transmusa every day. While Merpati Airline serves flight to Alor four times a week.
From Kupang, the departure flight schedule is early in the morning, i.e. from 06.00 to 07.00. However, you must prepare yourself just in case that the flight is delayed. When the weather is not conducive, the flight may be postpone to the afternoon or it may even be cancelled. There are also motorboat from Kupang to Alor twice a week.
          There are various activities you can do in Pantar Marine Park. One of the most popular activities is scuba diving. The marine park has many diving spots. They are 26 spots, including Half Moon Bay, Crocodile Rook, The Edge, Cave Point, Peter's Prize, Shark Close and many more. All of the 26 diving spots offer you the most exotic underwater panorama.
For example, Shark Close diving spot offers you an amazing shark view. You can encounter and get closer to sharks living in the underwater of this marine park. Apart from diving activity, you can snorkel or swim. While other than water activities, you can do many other interesting things, such as village trip. This means you will explore the culture and the traditional way of life of the local people. You will learn further all about the condition of the local people along with the area where they live. 

          Pantar Marine Park provides many hotels and homestay to spend the night. They include La Petite Kepa Homestay on Kepa Island. There are also popular hotels offering convenient bedroom such as Hotel Adi Dharma, Hotel Pelangi Indah and Hotel Nusa Kenari Indah. When you decide to spend the night in the hotel, it means you have more time to explore the marine park. You can spare your time to find beautiful local Alor woven fabric. You can buy the best quality of this woven fabric at Alor Kecil Village, about 12 km from Kalabahi.
          Overall, visiting Pantar Marine Park is not a waste since you can do many activities and buy valuable souvenirs. Visit this marine park if you have a plan to travel to somewhere.  
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