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Rafting At Oya River, the Most Challenging Activity in Yogyakarta

Rafting at Oya River is one of fun activity. Thus, when the holiday is about to come, you better plan rafting at this river. Rafting in the river will be a good challenge for you as going along the river may be a new experience for you. The river itself is quite long, i.e. about 1,500 m. It takes about 1 to 2 hours going along the river. Along the river, you can see beautiful cliffs and unique karst stone in Gunung Kidul. 
The river is also deep, about 7 to 11 meters. However, when you go along the river, there will be a professional guide that will lead you the way. You don’t have to worry as the guide is very professional and know exactly about the area. Oya River also has beautiful waterfall. You can also enjoy the beauty of the scenery. 
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          Oya River is situated in Gelaran, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The river is managed professionally by local government as a new tourist destination for visitors. The development of the river starts from December, 2010. Since then, visitors coming to the river is abundant, both domestic and foreign. The visit is increasing at weekend. Rafting at Oya River is usually included at the tour of Glatik Cave and Pindul Cave.
This is one of the most interesting tour packages you should take. You can enjoy several tourist objects at once. However, there is one problem when you visit the river. There is no public transportation towards the area. The only public transportation available is rental motorcycle. You usually have to pay about Rp40,000 (US$4.00) for the rent. That is why, it is suggested that you take a tour package of Oya River.  

          Rafting at Oya River will give you the most exciting experience. You should take a rafting package for about Rp45,000 (US4.50) per person. With the package, you will get adequate equipment like life tire, life jacket, rubber shoes, transportation, insurance and a professional guide. The activity is suitable for those who love water activities.
The water is so refreshing that you don’t want the activity to be over. Especially, you will be presented by the most beautiful nature along the river. You can take pictures of the beautiful nature. It will be the best souvenirs of your activity in the river.

          Rafting at Oya River will take about 2 hours. That is why, it is better for you to come earlier at the river. Otherwise, you will have to spend the night around the river. While, finding a lodge here is not easy. The only lodge you can stay is home stays provided by local people. Although local people’s house is quite comfortable, it will be better if you don’t have to spend the night around the river. However, for you who love challenge, spending the night at local people’s house will be a unique experience for them.
          Rafting at Oya River is a unique activity that not everyone has courage to do. That is why, you better spend your holiday for this activity, to get the most fantastic experience.
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