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Samalona Island, One of the Most Beautiful Small Islands in South Sulawesi

Samalona Island is a beautiful small island near Makassar. The total area of the island is just around 2.34 hectares. However, with such area, the island has beautiful cluster of circular coral around the island. Apart from the cluster coral, the island has white sand and crystal clear of water. The sand and the water make the island look so beautiful.
The beauty of the island has made it the main tourist destination of most tourists visiting South Sulawesi. Especially, the tourist attraction such as diverse marine tropical fish, coral reefs and many diving areas are managed well. This attracts more tourists to visit the island. If you are about to travel to South Sulawesi, the best time to visit Samalona Islands is from February to October.

Samalona Island  is situated in the Straits of Makassar. Precisely, it lies on the Southwest coast of South Sulawesi. It is in the district of Wajo, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The island can be reached by boat for about half an hour. You can also go by rental boat from Loasari Beach. You will have to pay for about Rp300,000 to Rp600,000 (US$31.00 to US$61.00). It takes about 30 minutes from Loasari. It sounds expensive.
However, if you rent the boat in group, it will not be expensive anymore. Especially, the island is so beautiful. You will not regret having a trip in this island. You can enjoy many things that it may be hard to find in many other places in South Sulawesi.

          The main attraction of Samalona Island is its beautiful underwater life. You can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beauty of its underwater. When diving or snorkeling, you will see a school of various fish. The colorful fish and the clear water of the sea allow you to see the sea creatures obviously. After tiredof diving or snorkeling, you can rest and relax in the beach.
The fine white sand allows you to rest comfortably. Rest in the beach until the sun sets.You will see the most fascinating sunset in the west. The sun seems to set in the sea horizon. It’s magnificent. Prepare a camera to perpetuate the beautiful object of the sunset.

          Samalona Island provides lodges. However, don’t be surprised that lodges are actually local people’s houses. Some people in Samalona purposely provides their rooms for guests visiting the island. Although most visitors prefer to spend the night in Makassar, some of them stay in the island at night. They usually spend the night in one of the local people’s houses.
The house can be some kind of lodge for visitors. When you visit the island, and you want to spend the night here in this island, you can stay in the lodge as well. The lodge is comfortable enough as it is near the beach. You can hear the sound of waves and feel the breeze of the sea wind.
          Samalona is one of the best tourist destinations in South Sulawesi. Never miss this beautiful Samalona Island in your travel plan. 

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