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Sri Gethuk Waterfall, the Grand Canyon of Yogyakarta

Sri Gethuk Waterfall has beautiful nature similar to Grand Canyon, USA. The waterfall is a never stop water fall flowing through the gushes between gorges all around the year. The waterfall is so beautiful, though, the atmosphere around it is so mystical. It was said that the name of Sri Gethuk referred to a storage location of gamelan instruments (traditional instruments of Java) owned by a demon hosted the waterfall. The demon is named Onggo Menduro or simply called Mbah Onggo. Mbah Onggo is the leader of demons hosting the waterfall. The waterfall has an incredible panorama. The waterfall and the river flowing from the waterfall present fantastic panoramic view. It is so amazing.
          Sri Gethuk Waterfall is situated in Wisala Beleberan Village, Playen District, Gunung Kidul Regency. To reach the waterfall, you have to be careful since the roads towards the waterfall are not always in good condition. You better go by motorcycle to the waterfall as it is much safer and faster.
Along the journey towards the waterfall, you can see woods owned by the government, and they are all beautiful. When you have arrived at the waterfall, you can see the most beautiful scenery in Gunung Kidul. The entrance fee towards the waterfall is quite cheap, it is less than Rp20,000 (US$2.00). The fee consists of parking fee and crossing river fee for the motorcycle.        

          When you have arrived at the waterfall, you can see the most fantastic view of the area of Gunung Kidul. The scenery is like that of Grand Canyon in Arizona. The formation of ravines and steep cliffs are so incredible especially with the river flowing from the waterfall. The river is so green and it divides the canyon and the beautiful waterfall. The waterfall never stops flowing throughout the year. It allows you to explore the entire waterfall.
You can go along the river by raft. Ask for a guide to lead you the way. You can rent rafting equipment, like lifebelt and raft. Going along the river will be an exciting activity. However, you must be very careful as the river is quite deep. That is why, you need to ask for a professional guide to lead you the way. Once you have finished exploring Sri Gethuk waterfall and the entire river, you will get an unforgettable experience and knowledge you get from the activity is comparable to the hard work you have done.

          Local people of Bleberan village provide home-stays for visitors. You can stay in one of the local people if you decide to spend the night at Sri Gethuk waterfall. All people in the village are friendly, and you can even negotiate for the fee. The fee for the home stay is quite cheap, it is less than Rp100,000 (US$10.00). With such cheap price, you can enjoy comfortable beds and bedroom. They usually provide food and drink as well.
       Spending your holiday in the waterfall will give you the most beautiful moments and experience. Sri Gethuk Watefall is the best waterfall you will have ever seen.

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