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Bantimurung National Park, Home of Thousands of Species in South Sulawesi

Bantimurung National Park was discovered by a British naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace when he travelled to South Sulawesi Indonesia. He found that the area of the national park was home many species of flora and fauna. Today, the area where Alfred Wallace did his research has become the most amazing national park, Bantimurung. 

In this national park, you can find thousands of species, such as enchanting butterflies with its various colors and sizes. About 150 species of butterflies are found in this park.  The national park also has magnificent caves and incredible waterfall.
The total area of the national park is about 43,759 hectares. It is divided into three major types of ecosystems, i.e. karts, a lowland forest and a lower mountain forest ecosystem. The three ecosystems are ideal habitats for thousands of species, including rare endemic species like birds, insects and butterflies.

          Bantimurung National Park is situated in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It is only about 20 km from Hasanuddin Airport or 50 km from Makassar. You can reach the national park by local public transportation called pete-pete. It takes about 30 minutes by pete-pete from Makassar to the national park. You will have to pay for Rp5,000 (US$0.50) driving pete-pete to the national park.
However, if you are in Makassar, you can go by public bus like Damri to Bantimurung. You need to pay for Rp8,500 (less than 1 US dollar) from Makassar to Bantimurung. Public transportation can easily be found in Makassar, so you don’t have to worry about how you can get to Bantimurung. 

Bantimurung National Park offers many things to visitors, like hiking, trekking and a challenging adventure. You can visit Bantimurung Waterfall to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The waterfall is not too far from the entrance. You can enjoy the stunning panorama of the waterfall. You can jump into the clean and clear water. The water is so refreshing that you will not want to move out of the water.
You can also visit the Butterfly Conservation captivity and the butterfly Museum. You can learn various species in both of the location. Butterflies are the main attraction in Bantimurung, so it is a must to visit the location. You can also have a challenging advanture by exploring the Karst hills as well as the stunning caves in this national park.

          If you decide to stay in Bantimurung National Park longer, you can stay in one of the bungalows and inns available around the park. You can select one of the bungalows or inns that are nearest to the entrance of the Bantimurung Bulusaraung, so that you don’t to walk too far when you want to visit the park again. The rate for the bungalows and inns range from Rp50,000 to Rp80,000 (US$5.00 to US$8.00).  With such rate, you can enjoy adequate facilities and sleep comfortably.
          If you love nature along with its various species, Bantimurung National Park is the best place to visit. You can visit the park to learn more about the living species in the park.

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Fort Rotterdam, the Best Historical Tourist Destination in South Sulawesi

Fort Rotterdam is one of the main attractions in South Sulawesi. The fort is so big that it takes a long time to walk around all the fort. The fort lies in Makassar, making it easier for you to reach it. The fort was built is 1545 by the 9th king of Gowa, I Manrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakung Tumapa’risi’ Kallona. 

At first, the building material of the fort is clay, but in the reign of the 14th king of Gowa, Sultan Alauddin, the material had been replaced by karst derived from Maros. Visiting the fort will give you a great experience as you can learn many things from the fort. You can see how this fort was meaningful for the people of Gowa at that time.

          Fort Rotterdam or sometimes called Benteng Ujung Pandang by Indonesian was a heritage from the kingdom of Gowa Tallo. The fort lies right in the middle of Makassar City. Thus, the fort is easily accessed. When you arrive at South Sulawesi in the airport of Makassar, you can directly go to the fort by taxi.
There are many public transportation from many cities to Makassar. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the transportation if you have a plan to visit the fort. When you arrive at the fort, you will see a huge fort. You may wonder how the people of Gowa built such a huge fort.
The walls of the fort is about 5 meters with the wide of the wall around 2 meters. You can imagine how huge it is. This is one of the most modern buildings in Gowa derived from ancient time.

Visiting Fort Rotterdam means that you will have many historical tourism activities. You can learn about the history of the fort, the usage of the fort, the public figures of heroes of old time involved in the fort and many more historical things you can learn. You can walk around the fort, and try to imagine the old times when the fort is used for defence.
One of the most popular objects of this fort is the room used to captivate Prince Diponegoro when he was exiled by Neatherland. Prince Diponegoro was the leader of Diponegoro War in 1825-1930. The war was over when Prince Diponegoro was captured by Neatherland. He was trapped by the Neatherland when he took part in a peace conference. He was captured and the exiled to Manado and then mover to this fort in 1834. 

Visitors of Fort Rotterdam can stay in one of the hotels available in Makassar. There are many big hotels you can select. For example, Aston Makassar Hotel & Convention Center, Hotel Aryaduta Makassar, Grand Clarion Hotel and Convention, Hotel Santika Makassar and Hotel Horison Makassar. The hotels provide complete facilities for visitors. They offer comfort for visitors. Hence, no matter which hotel you select, all of them provide the best service for visitors.
Fort Rotterdam should be included in your travel plan when you are in South Sulawesi as you can learn many historical things.

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Benete Beach, the Best Place in Lombok to Refresh Your Mind

Just like Bali, Lombok Island has many beautiful beaches, such as Benete Beach. For some people, Benete may be not as popular as other beaches like Senggigi or Kuta. However, the beauty of the beach is comparable to those beaches. If you have a plan to travel to Lombok, Beneta should be included in your travel plan. 

This is one of the best tourists destinations in Lombok. You will see a beautiful beach with fine sand, clear and clean blue sea water displaying panoramic view. Benete has many things to offer to you. The nature, the water and its all surrounding area will refresh your mind. You can stop for a moment all of your activities and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

          Benete Beach lies in the western part of Sumbawa, precisely in Benete Bay. Administratively, Benete is situated in Maluk District, Sumbawa Besar, West Nusa Tenggara. It is about an hour from Taliwang. The infrastructure is adequate for visitors to reach the beach comfortably. Road access is sufficient enough even though they are not too large.
Driving by car to reach the beach will not be difficult. If you travel from the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, i.e. Mataram, you will still have to cross to Sumbawa Island. You must go through Kayangan Port in East Lombok towards Poto Tano.
You need to cross the island for about 2 hours. You can go by bus from Mataram to Maluk. When you have been in Benete Bus Station, you only need to go straight about one kilometer. You will find a sign telling you the direction to the beach.  

          Benete Beach has two functions, i.e. as a tourism object and ports. Benete has two ports, one owned by PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara and the other one by Benete itself. The ports are used for unloading and loading some goods from speedboats towards Benete. Although the beach is not as beautiful as many other beaches in Lombok, the scenery is not too dissapointed.

You can see the activities of loading and unloading of goods in the ports. The activities can be some kind of refreshing activity. Otherwise, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of its surrounding area. Benete is surrounded by two hills, making it so dazzling. Take pictures in this beach. Then, it will be your best memory you have ever had.

          When you go to Benete Beach, you will not find complete facilities as those of in many popular beaches. However, the lack of facilities doesn’t mean that you will not find comfort when visiting the beach. Instead, you can find many small huts along the beach. You can take a rest in the hut while enjoying the beautiful panorama.
The beach also has some restaurants offering typical food of Sumbawa. The price of the food offered is affordable. If you decide to spend the night in the beach, you can find stay in one of local people’s house or you can go back to Mataram and stay there.  
          Benete is one of the best beaches you should include in your travel plan. You can share story of your visit in Benete Beach.   

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Wediombo Beach, the Beach with Natural Beauty in Yogyakarta

When you feel tired of your busy schedule, and you want to take a break for a moment, you better visit Wediombo Beach. The beach has a beautiful panorama. The calm atmosphere, the blue sea water and the cool breeze all make you feel fresh and soothe. The beach also has white sand, making it look so beautiful. Especially, the seashells maintained well all over the place. 

You can go to the beach your family and friends. Together, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach. You will feel like the atmosphere around the beach is so refreshing and peaceful. That is why, the place is perfect to relieve your stress.   

Wediombo Beach is situated in Jepitu village, Girisubo District. It is about 40 km in the south east of Wonosari City. It takes about 2,5 hours driving from Yogyakarta. Although the location of the beach is too far from Yogyakarta, it is worth visiting. The beach is so amazing that you will never regret visiting the beach. There are two alternative routes if you want to visit the beach.
You can drive from Yogyakarta to Wonosari and Semanu. After that you can continue your journey to Jepitu and then you arrive at Wediombo. Otherwise, you can drive Yogyakarta to the south. Go along the complex of the south beaches until you arrive at Tepus.
You can then continue to Girisubo, and here you are at Wediombo. Once you have arrived at the beach, you can feel the breeze of the sea wind and listen to the sound of waves hitting the rocks. The entrance fee is cheap, only Rp5,000 (less than a half dollar).

          You can do various activities in Wediombo Beach, including fishing, swimming and surfing. However, surfing in this beach should be done by professional surfers only. This is beacause the waves are too powerful that an amateur will be difficult to handle. While, fishing is also an interesting activity as you can find many species of fish. 
Swimming should be done in shallow waters, and it will be dangerous if you swim too far in the middle of the sea. Apart from these water activities, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea. You can sit down in the beautiful sand and wait for the sunset. Sunset is an amazing panorama that you will regret missing it.

          There are many hotels and lodges around Wediombo Beach. The rate ranges from Rp40,000 to Rp80,000 (around US$4.00 to US$8.00). It’s quite cheap since the beach is not as popular as Parangtritis or Depok. The hotels and lodges are available for visitors who want to spend the night at the beach. When spending the night at the beach, you can find peaceful since the atmosphere of the sea is so comforting. 
          Plan your travel to Yogyakarta carefully, and include Wediombo Beach in your travel plan. This is a good alternative beach to visit apart from Depok and Parangtritis. Wediombo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta.

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