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Ketewel Beach, A Secret Beach with A Panoramic Beauty in Bali

There may be not many of you who have ever heard about Ketewel Beach. The beach lies in a hidden place in Bali. It was only found in 1988 by a surfer from Sanur. That is why, the beach is sometimes called Ketewel Secret Beach. When you visit the beach, look around. 

You will see that the beach has a fascinating natural beauty. Because there are only a few visitors to this beach, it is very clean and natural. However, in line with the publication of media as well as the construction of Tohpati by pass, more people are getting interested in visiting the beach.  

          Ketewel Beach is situated in Tohpati by pass street, Kusumba, Ketewel Village, Ginayar, Bali. It only takes 45 minutes driving your own car from Ngurah Rai Airport. While from Kuta, it takes about an hour toward the beach. Access to the beach is not easy. However, when you arrive at the beach, you may find it difficult to park your car.
There is a simple hut, called warung, serving simple snacks and drinks for visitors. Because the beach is not too popular, you will not find any resorts or hotels here. Most people visiting Ketewel come to the beach and then head back to nearest towns.

          Ketewel Beach is not too far from Sanur. The beach is a very attractive surfing spot. Hence, when Sanur Beach is crowded, surfers can come to the beach for surfing. Although the wave of the beach is not as powerful as that of Sanur, it still offers an interesting reef break for surfers. The wave is especially suitable for a beginner.
The best time for surfing is on December to April at rainy season. At this season, the wind blows against the wave’s current. Apart from surfing, visitors can also swim or snorkel at this beach. Nevertheless, for those who don’t want to do water activities, they can simply sit down on the sand and enjoy the breeze of the sea water. It will feel refreshing.     

          As previously mentioned, visitors usually come to the beach without an intention of staying in the resorts nearby. This is because there are almost no hotels, resorts or even lodges built around the beach. Hence, visitors must stay in hotels in nearest towns. For example, Villa Kishi Kishi offers a nice place to stay for only about Rp580,000 ($60.00) per night.
For a more luxurious place to stay, choose Majapahit Beach Villa – Villa Nataraja for about Rp5,400,000 ($563.00). Lastly, visitors can stay in the most luxurious villa, such as Majapahit Beach Villa – Villa Maya for about Rp8,700,000 ($900.00). There are many other resorts or villas you can select in the town nearby Ketewel.
          Ketewel offers to visitors an unforgettable memory since the beach has a natural beauty that they will not find in many other beaches. Hence, if you visit Bali, don’t forget to include Ketewel Beach in your travel plan.

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