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Kondang Merak Beach, Visiting a Virgin Beach with the Stretches of Rocks in East Java

Kondang Merak Beach is unpopular beach. But, when you come to the beach, you will realize that the beach is comparable to others beaches in East Java. The distance of Kondang Merak is only about two km from Balekambang Beach. But, the access toward to beach is not adequate and it makes the trip become more difficult. 
According to the local story, the name of Kondang Merak began when the residents often saw peacocks layover to drink in the beach. Thus, the beach become more popular because of the peacocks and named as Kondang Merak Beach. The breeze and the waves of water comes and gone as you arrive at the beach. 
As you enter to the area of the beach, the sensation of natural and fresh air can be felt immediately. The shady trees become the background of the beach and the big rocks that exist near the beach complete the decoration of Kondang Merak Beach. The beach is also has white to brown sand that make the visitors become more comfortable to explore or just to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

Kondang Merak Beach lies at Donomulyo sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, or about 68 km south of Malang City. The route to the beach is same just like as you want to go to Balekambang Beach. You only need to see the signposts along the trip. You can go there by motorcycle or a car. But, you have to be careful because the road is not accessible. 
Actually, there are two routes you can take. Firstly, you can start your journey from Malang City – Kepanjen – Pagak – Bantur – Kondang Merak. Secondly, you can start your trip from Arjosari Terminal – Turen – Gondang Legi – Bantur – Kondang Merak.
To reach the coastline, you have to pay around IDR3,000 or US$0.3 per person. As you enter to the area of Kondang Merak Beach, you will be welcomed by a big rock that is standing strongly and countless trees. The waves of water with blue water become your friend as you come to the beach. 

Kondang Merak Beach is one of alternative beaches when you come to Malang City. Although the beach is unpopular but the panorama of the beach is so beautiful and exotic. You will never bore to feel the breeze and the beauty of the rocks in this area. The uniqueness of the beach comes from the big rocks and the stretches sand that is smooth as you step with bare legs.
The panorama of Kondang Merak Beach becomes more prominent when the tide of water is low because the rocks that usually covered by the water will appear to the surface. As an exotic beach, actually Kondang Merak is part of stretches beaches in the South Sea of Java, besides Ngliyep Beach and Balekambang Beach.
Just like other beaches at the south beaches, the waves of the beach are powerful because it has strong wind. The edge of the beach has the texture of layer rocks and covered by many algae which are very good for the habitat of invertebrate animals. If you explore deeper to the beach, you will find small islands with brushes.
You can include Kondang Merak Beach to the list of your destination when you visit Malang City. You will never regret to enjoy the picnic with your friends or your family. Even, you can build a tent and spend your time to capture the sunset and the sunrise for the next day.

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