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Krakal Beach, A Beach with Its Amazing Panorama in Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach is one of the three popular beaches in Yogyakarta apart from Baron and Kukup. The beach is so popular that many tourist must never miss this beautiful beach when they are in Yogyakarta. The beach has fine white sand stretching along 5 kilometers of the beach.

The beach also has beautiful sunrise and sunset views. When you visit this beach, you can feel the soft wind blowing and see the perfect waves rolling and hitting the rocks along the beach. This is quite refreshing. The beach is surrounded by cliffs of karst. Although this makes the beautiful look dry, overall the cliffs add the beauty of the view. 

Krakal Beach is situated in Ngestirejo Village, Tanjung Sari District, Gunung Kidul (Wonosari). It lies about 37 kilometers to the south of Gunungkidul downtown. The beach is quite far from the City of Yogyakarta. It lies about 70 kilometers from Yogyakarta. It takes about two hours driving from Yogyakarta to the beach. Although it take a long journey to the beach, the beauty of the beach is worth visiting.
Along the journey, you can enjoy amazing panoramac, like limestone hill, interspersed with terrace and rock terraces. This is actually the characteristic of Wonosari. When you visit Krakal, you may be suggested to visit Baron and Kukup Beaches as well. It’s not surprising as the two beaches are the chain of the three most popular beaches in Yogyakarta.

          When visiting Krakal Beach, you will be able to enjoy various activities, ranging from water activities to adventure. You can do water activities like fishing, swimming and playing in the beach. Surfing and jetskiing are only allowed for professionals as the waves are so powerful. Amateur surfers should not allow to do the activity as it is too dangerous. 
The most exciting and fun activity is doing adventure around the beach. As the beach has karst and limestone hills and cliffs, you can explore the geology condition of the beach. This will give you great experience as you will see the forming of the nature around the beach. Apart from this activity, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach in the edge of the beach. Enjoying the beautiful panorama will refresh your mind.

          If you decide to spend in Krakal Beach, you don’t have to worry as you can spend the night in hotels or lodges around the beach. The lodges offer complete facilities to visitors. The important is that most of the lodges have amazing view. They are situated near the beach, and that is why, you will be presented by the amazing panorama of the beach. You can feel the calm and refreshing sea wind, as well as the beautiful ocean view from the window of the lodge where you stay. This is so refreshing.
          That is why, you should never Krakal Beach when visiting Yogyakarta. This is one of the most beautiful beaches that will give you unforgettable memory. You can then continue to visit Baron and Kukup Beaches after you have visited Krakal.

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