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Mount Rinjani, Hunting the Summit Attack in West Nusa Tenggara

Mount Rinjani is the most popular mounts in West Nusa Tenggara that challenges all of climbers from around the globe. You may curious why the mount become one of spots that must be visited. The reason is because you will find so many beautiful spots, from natural lake, flora and fauna as an endemic diversity. 

Rinjani Mount is well-known as one of mounts in Indonesia that has the most beautiful scenery. The average temperature here is from 200 Celcius – 120 Celcius and the wind is a bit gale in the peak during August. Actually, there are many tracks you can try according to your skill when you want to conquer Mount Rinjani. Each track has visual beauty and difficulty levels.
If you want to compare two tracks that has been favorite choice for climber, i.e. Senaru track and Sembalun Lawang, you will notice that Senaru track has countless steep grade. But, along the route, you will be shaded by green trees. While you step to the forest area and entering to the peak of mount, you can look at behind and the nature shows off the stretches of green scenery with slow motion of leaves. In addition, Senaru track is the closest route to reach the peak of Rinjani.
The Sembalun Lawang itself is a route that becomes the most favorable and taken by amateur climbers because the contour of the track is flat. Your journey will be accompanied by vast savannah and pines forest. It will be more comfortable to see Lombok City from the height without any barrier from the trees.
The difficulty you will face as you take Sembalun Lawang track will be started as you go along the edge of crater Plawangan Sembalun. It is worth to be conquered because as you reach the peak of Mount Rinjani, you will see an amazing view. Actually, the peak of Plawangan Sembalun will guide you to the slope of Rinjani and it will take around 3 – 4 hours with flat route to reach the peak of Mount Rinjani.
The peak of Mount Rinjani is the main aim for the most adventurer and natural lover because there will be a pride if someone able to conquer Rinjani. The busiest season to climb Mount Rinjani is from July to August, both local and international climbers. For local climbers, most of them are students that want to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day (August 17th) in the peak of Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake. They call that as ‘Tapak Rinjani that is held annually by natural lover group in Lombok Island with Mount Rinjani Natural Park.
Summit attack is one of term that is used to refer to sunrise on the peak of Rinjani Mount and usually it will be started at 03.00 am. The sandy, rocky and soil field at 200 meters in height will be passed with difficulty because if you miss just one step, you will fall down with pebbles.
For highlander, the track to Mount Rinjani is the most challenging and favorable because the route is difficult but it is worth. At the end of your effort to climb to the mount, the natural beauty can be seen clearly. That is why all climbers need a good stamina, proper equipment, patience and passion. 
To reach Mount Rinjani, it will take around three days and two nights. But if you want to see the other objects, such as Barujari Mount and Susu Cave, it takes two days more. The logistic stuffs need to be prepared properly. If you want easy way, you can get it from the closest  village, such as sleeping bed, tent, food stuffs, goods and radio communication. Besides that, you can stay for some night at the homestays at Senaru Village.
The momentum of summit attack in Mount Rinjani will happen at 3,726 meters above sea surface. Commonly, the right time to get the moment is at mid-night. Thus, you will be able to see sunrise and Segara Muncar Crater that will be irradiated by the sun shine. It seems that each beauty will be showed.

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