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Sempu Island, a Hidden Paradise to Escape from the Routine in East Java

Sempu Island is just like paradise for travelers who want to venture to different world. The natural scenery, lagoon, lakes and hills will accompany you during your exploration. The area of Sempu is natural sanctuary that has total area about 877 hectares. The main attraction of this sanctuary is Telaga Anakan or Anakan Lake. Apart from the lake, there are also Telaga Lele or Lele Lake and Telaga Sat or Sat Lake.  

As you come to Sempu Island, you can do many activities, such as fishing, sun-bathing, swimming and diving. The beauty of the island becomes more popular because the news has been spreading in internet. Thus, don’t be surprise when you come there you will find foreign tourists that do trekking and build a tent to stay overnight and explore the area of sanctuary.

Sempu Island lies at Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. To reach the island, you will need to rent a motorboat and paying IDR40,000 or US$4 round-trip. The journey to the island is a bit exhausted because the route is very hard and steep. But, it is worth to visit because as you arrive to the island, your tiredness will disappear suddenly. 
However, if you start your trip from Malang City, it will take around 2 – 3 hours by driving a car. If you want to rent a car, you need to pay around IDR400,000 or US$40 round-trip with seven passengers and a driver. Besides that, if you plan to enjoy the beauty of Sempu Island in a day, you have to get ready since 03.00 – 04.00 a.m.
Along the trip to the island, you will be treated by the scenery, such as traditional market, paddy field, natural forests, hills, and rivers. You are suggested to drop by to get your breakfast and bring some drinking and snack because you will not find any food stalls at Sempu Island.
The journey will be ended at Sendang Biru Beach. To enter the beach, you have to pay around IDR5,000 or US$0.5 per person. In this location, you will find lot of boats that are anchoring at the coastline. Even, you can see the fishermen repair their boat or making a new boat. These boats are used to fish and to take the visitors to Sempu Island.
If you want to cross to Sempu Island or Segara Anakan, you have to ask permission to the resort conservation at Sempu Area. The location is not too far from the parking area. You only need to pay around IDR20,000 or US$2 per person. For those who never been come to the island, you are suggested to be accompanied by a guide to take you to Segara Anakan. The cost is around IDR70,000 to IDR100,000 or US$7 – US$10 round-trip.
Before you get the permission ticket, you will get briefing to describe the condition of Sempu Island. After that, you can hire a motorboat for round-trip by paying IDR100,000 or US$10. The capacity of the motorboat is 10 to 12 persons.
If you want to save your pocket, you can look others passengers and cross to the island together. It will take around 15 – 20 minutes from Sendang Biru Beach to Sempu Island. Along the sea voyage, you can see incredible scenery from the crystal water to the stretches of trees near the island.

As mentioned above, Sempu Island becomes a new tourist destination in Malang City. It becomes more popular since the news of the island spreading in internet. It is kind of a hidden lagoon behind a cliff near Sendang Biru Beach because it offers you beautiful panorama. 
The white sand, clear water and blue sky become a perfect combination in the summer day. Thousands of small fish swim freely and it adds the beauty of natural scenery. It is not surprising if most of travelers consider Sempu Island as a hidden paradise in Malang City.
There are many things you can do when you visit Sempu Island, such as camping, fishing, sun-bathing and swimming. The edge of the island is surrounded by white sand with middle waves of water. You can refresh your body and relax your mind as you just already come.
One of activity you may not miss as you visit Sempu Island is climb up to the hill to see the view from the height. The view is so incredible because you can see the background of Hindia Ocean that look so stunning.
As you visit Sempu Island, you will get unforgettable moment because the natural scenery is so amazing. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the island.

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