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Tracks to Climb Mount Rinjani in West Nusa Tenggara

Mount Rinjani is one of favorite mounts in Indonesia and popular for foreign as well. The beauty of the mount attracts climbers to step to the peak of Rinjani. The height of the mount is 3,762 meters above sea surface and located at North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. If you plan to venture to this mountain, there are many tracks you can choose. 

Mataram is the last transit place to climb Mount Rinjani. To reach the city, you can take a flight from Jakarta or by a bus. From Mataram, you can continue your journey by public transportation or carter a car to go to the last village before you climb the mount. And here are some tracks you can consider to climb Mount Rinjani.

Senaru Track
The height of Senaru Track is 600 meter above sea surface and the track is favorable because it is the shortest distance and more shade. You will like entering to the tropical forest but the track is ascending. To reach Senaru Village, from Mataram City you can take public transportation for about two hours. The village has many inns with travel agent packages to Mount Rinjani. The easiest way to venture to the mount is by take guide for your comfort.
To get more information, you can contact the official in the post at Mount Rinjani National Park. After you ask permission from the post at national park in Senaru, the journey will be started by passing farming and entering to the forest. After you through three posts that can be reached for about five hours, at the third post (Mondokon Lolak) with 2,000 meters above sea surface, you will arrive at Pelawangan Senaru after trekking for about two hours. 
In the Pelawangan Senaru, you can see Segara Anak (a name of lake) and the peak of Rinjani. To get Segara Anak, you have to descend to the steep hills. From the lake to the basecamp of Segara Anak, you have to walk for about two hours. After you rest and enjoy the beauty of the lake, you can continue climbing to Mount Rinjani through Pelawangan Senaru which is become the last camp. Usually, at 02.00 a.m., you will start climbing to the peak of Rinjani.

Sembalun Track
The height of Sembalun track is 1,150 meter above sea surface. The track is the easiest track to be reached by public transportation. From terminal bus in Mataram City, there are public transportations to Mataram – Aikmel which is takes around an hour. Then, you can continue your journey to Sembalun Post by public transportation. For note, if you take public transportation from Mataram – Aikel, you are suggested to go earlier because the transportation only available until 12.00 noon.
After you arrived at Sembalun Post, you can complete the equipment because in this place there are rental equipment to climb Mount Rinjani, guide, and porter for your comfort. After you get permission from the official of the post, you can start the climbing by entering to savannah. There, you will through three main posts for about four hours.
Sembalun Track is a sloping track compared by Senaru Island. But, the track is quite hard because you have to pass vast savannah which is need your stamina if the day is hot. Before you arrive at the third post or Padabalang Post, you will face the cross road to separate the right track to the regretting hill and the left to the suffering hill. Currently, you only can take the suffering track because the vision of the regretting track is unclear.
From the third post, you will pass nine hills before you arrive at Pelawangan Sembalun at the height of 2,639 meter above sea surface for about four hours. Pelawangan Sembalun itself is a fork or the last post to reach the peak or to descent to Segara Anak (a name of lake). In this post, you can build a tent to enjoy the beauty of Segara Anak and Mount Barujari right at the bottom. The journey to the peak will go along the edge of the crater which is exhausting. The track is sandy and loose which is make your step slower.

Torean Track
Bayan can be reached from Cakranegara, Lombok by public transportation for about three hours. Then, you can continue to Torean Village as a latest village for about an hour by ojek or taxi motor, or a truck that through Torean. Torean Village provides you porter service that will ease your journey to climb Mount Rinjani. 
Actually, Torean Track is not a common track that is used by climber to Rinjani because there is no post just like other tracks. The Torean Track is used by local residents to reach Segara Anak (a name of lake) to do tradition or ceremony for Hindu religion. The track will guide you to Susu Cave and Manik Cave which are located before you reach Segara Anak.
To start climbing Mount Rinjani, you are suggested to start earlier because the road is a bit dangerous if you do it a night. Besides that, you will not enjoy the scenery and the beauty of sloping trail that is challenging. To reach Segara Anak, you will through the only one climbing post which is takes around 2.5 hours by passing national park. After that, you will go toward the trail and valley at the north of Rinjani that bring the spring from Segara Anak to Kokok Putih River.
You will follow the spring of Kokok Putih River by stepping the trail and through many hills. After you arrived at Pelawangan Torean, then you can descent to the branch of Kokok Putih River. After you through one more hill, you will arrive at the area of cave and natural hot spring near Segara Anak. 
The journey to Segara Anak takes around eight hours. To reach the peak of Mount Rinjani, you have to through the cliff steeps for about four hours before you reach Pelawangan Sembalun. As you come to this area, you will through normal track, i.e. Sembalun Track.

Timbanuh Track
To reach Timbanuh Village, you can take public transportation from Mataram. Then, you can get down at Masbagik and continue to Timbanuh Village by different transportation for about three hours by driving. In Timbanuh, there is guide that will ease your adventure to Mount Rinjani.
Timbanuh Track was inaugurated as a new track by Mount Rinjani National Park. If you compare the track to other tracks, Timbanuh Track has not adequate facilities but the track has water source along the track and diversity of flora and fauna. Besides that, the track is challenging for climber because you are allowed to climb until Pelawangan Cemoro Rompes and the south peak of Rinjani.
However, there is no track yet to Segara Anak because the track is very steep and dangerous. It will take around nine hours from Timbanuh to Pelawangan Cemoro Rompes. From Cemoro Rompes, you can see Mount Barujari clearly compared by the three other tracks because the positions is closer to the mount and you will witness the edelweis field.

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