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Wediombo Beach, the Beach with Natural Beauty in Yogyakarta

When you feel tired of your busy schedule, and you want to take a break for a moment, you better visit Wediombo Beach. The beach has a beautiful panorama. The calm atmosphere, the blue sea water and the cool breeze all make you feel fresh and soothe. The beach also has white sand, making it look so beautiful. Especially, the seashells maintained well all over the place. 

You can go to the beach your family and friends. Together, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach. You will feel like the atmosphere around the beach is so refreshing and peaceful. That is why, the place is perfect to relieve your stress.   

Wediombo Beach is situated in Jepitu village, Girisubo District. It is about 40 km in the south east of Wonosari City. It takes about 2,5 hours driving from Yogyakarta. Although the location of the beach is too far from Yogyakarta, it is worth visiting. The beach is so amazing that you will never regret visiting the beach. There are two alternative routes if you want to visit the beach.
You can drive from Yogyakarta to Wonosari and Semanu. After that you can continue your journey to Jepitu and then you arrive at Wediombo. Otherwise, you can drive Yogyakarta to the south. Go along the complex of the south beaches until you arrive at Tepus.
You can then continue to Girisubo, and here you are at Wediombo. Once you have arrived at the beach, you can feel the breeze of the sea wind and listen to the sound of waves hitting the rocks. The entrance fee is cheap, only Rp5,000 (less than a half dollar).

          You can do various activities in Wediombo Beach, including fishing, swimming and surfing. However, surfing in this beach should be done by professional surfers only. This is beacause the waves are too powerful that an amateur will be difficult to handle. While, fishing is also an interesting activity as you can find many species of fish. 
Swimming should be done in shallow waters, and it will be dangerous if you swim too far in the middle of the sea. Apart from these water activities, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea. You can sit down in the beautiful sand and wait for the sunset. Sunset is an amazing panorama that you will regret missing it.

          There are many hotels and lodges around Wediombo Beach. The rate ranges from Rp40,000 to Rp80,000 (around US$4.00 to US$8.00). It’s quite cheap since the beach is not as popular as Parangtritis or Depok. The hotels and lodges are available for visitors who want to spend the night at the beach. When spending the night at the beach, you can find peaceful since the atmosphere of the sea is so comforting. 
          Plan your travel to Yogyakarta carefully, and include Wediombo Beach in your travel plan. This is a good alternative beach to visit apart from Depok and Parangtritis. Wediombo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta.

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