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Beringharjo Market, Yogyakarta

Beringharjo Market is the most famous traditional market in Yogyakarta. The word itself is originated from the word Bering (from Beringin tree) and harjo (prosperity). Therefore, the place, which used to be beringin trees, is expected to give prosperity to the people around. This market is also famous as the central of batik, a Javanese traditional cloth, in Yogyakarta. The price offered is also very attractive and can be very cheap.
The location of Beringharjo Market is in Malioboro Street near Vrederburg Fort. The place itself is easy to find and if you are in Malioboro, becak operators will offer to take you there. The admission price is free but make sure to bring some money as there are lots of goods that you can buy there with interesting price. Even, you can bargain the price to be really low.
Because it’s a traditional market, you will find many local products there. On the first floor, you will find lots of batik and it is the main commodity of the place. There you can find clothes, bed sheet, and souvenirs made of batik. The price range of batik is from ten thousand rupiahs (about a dollar) to a million rupiahs (about a hundred dollars).
However, the price is altering so make sure you have a good bargaining skill to get a great deal. Moreover, most of the sellers are friendly and nice so you can also interact with local people and understand their cultures. The market is closed at 5 PM yet many food sellers are still there to offer traditional foods and snacks like gudeg, martabak, or klepon.
Besides batik, the market also sells bags, sandals, and shoes in very cheap prices yet the quality is maintained. Even, on the back side of the market, you will find groceries like vegetables, meats, chickens, and many other things. Also, you can find wedding souvenirs and traditional cosmetics near the groceries vendors.
On the front side, you can buy traditional snacks such as bakpia, brem, hunkwe, nagasari, and putu. In fact, the snacks sellers occupy the front part of Beringharjo market and their products are mostly fresh and still warm.
On the second floor, you will find casual clothes and bed sheet. The price is not very low and the quality is just so-so. Also, the prices are usually fixed so the chance of making it lower is very limited. On the eastern part of this floor, you will find many jamu (Javanese herbal drinks) sellers that causes the area to smell like jamu.  
On the third floor, you can find antiquities with good quality. There, you can find old stuff like typewriter and water jugs. Third floor also consists of flea markets that sell second-hand clothes, bags, and shoes with cheap prices. However, you need to be thorough to get good quality stuff.
In short, you should certainly go to Beringharjo market when you are in Malioboro. The vendible are attractive and you can interact with local people by shopping there.
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